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Abstract Painting as Contemporary Modern Art of Geoff Gildner

Contemporary Abstract Art by Geoff Gildner of Tempe/Phoenix Arizona
"Remembering The Past" Mixed Media on Glass by Geoff Gildner

I recently met a very talented and unique contemporary artist that is painting in an abstract modern art form from the Tempe/Phoenix Arizona area. I would like to introduce my readers to the Contemporary Modern Art of Abstract Artist Geoff Gildner of Tempe Arizona

contemporary abstract artist Geoff Gildner Tempe Arizona
contemporary abstract artist Geoff Gildner Tempe Arizona

who graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in 1994

I ran across Geoff on a discussion thread I frequent on LinkedIn and was taken in by Geoff Gildner’s abstract artwork when he had posted links to where he has uploaded photos of his artwork for sale. The quality of his abstract paintings caught my attention because there is just something about them that I find unique. His use of color and composition work well with how I see the more modern art for interiors these days.

Abstract painting has quickly became a highly sought after art form for contemporary interior designs over the last few years because of the demand for more modern art in today’s market. In fact, modern art has become so popular that it seems no matter where you go there is some kind of representation of it. Even in the faux finishing market, I see more and more faux finishes designed to fit the contemporary modern art designs so this really sets the stage for new challenging techniques for the decorative artist and faux finishes.

Contemporary Abstract Art by Geoff Gildner of Tempe/Phoenix Arizona
“Remembering The Past” Mixed Media on Glass by Geoff Gildner

Though most connect faux finishing with traditional European and Old World techniques of the early centuries, what most don’t know is faux finishing and decorative arts changed easily with interior design demands all throughout history. The decorative arts have followed interior design demands for centuries and there will always be a demand for faux finishing it’s just up to the artist at hand to have the versatility and knowledge to be able to change with the demands which happen to be a more contemporary modern art form along with the abstract painting techniques that are in demand for the wall art market these days.

Abstract painting and modern art have always fallen into the contemporary styles of interior designs of today. Of course, it wasn’t until after World War II that the contemporary art category is said to have made its appearance and it is known that it was Pablo Picasso who brought abstract expressionism into the early 20th century.

As quoted in Wikipedia: Picasso is commonly regarded, along with Henri Matisse and Marcel Duchamp, as one of the three artists who most defined the revolutionary developments in the plastic arts in the opening decades of the 20th century, responsible for significant developments in abstract painting, sculpture, printmaking and ceramics.”

As you can see Geoff Gildner‘s modern art and contemporary design in his abstract paintings is really quite amazing.

Contemporary Abstract Artist Geoff Gildner Tempe Arizona
Humanity at The Waters Edge mixed media on glass Geoff Gildner

Every so often you will see me write about other artists and musicians that I find interesting and inspiring. As with Geoff’s modern art, I get a sense of abstract expressionism like what was seen during the 1950s and 1960s and yet still has a bit of pop art melded into it. What’s more interesting is some of his contemporary modern art is on the glass which adds more uniqueness to his style of abstract painting.

Although Geoff is not a faux finisher it is an artwork such as his that a decorative artist must take into account when designing new wall finishes to accentuate modern art and abstract paintings such as these. I for one am inspired by such artwork when creating new wall finishes because of not only the challenges that are involved but also of the changes in the intensity of colors.

With permission, Geoff Gildner gave me the approval of posting this article and I would like to make available as much information as I can on how to locate and get in touch with the other artists that I do write about.

The artist does not have a website but he does have a Facebook fan page and is listed on various other sites where his work is posted for sale as in prints or contact information on how to inquire about commissions and purchase the original

abstract paintings as contemporary modern art of Geoff Gildner.

To get in touch with Geoff Gildner you may contact him below

Facebook     LinkedIn

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