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Dru Blair Art entry level to photorealism
Not a photograph, Dru Blair Art

Airbrush Painting Classes with

Dru Blair after the Open Decor Show

January 25th – February 2nd, 2012

 at Art-Faux Studio Naples/Bonita Springs, Fl

Master airbrush artist Dru Blair will be in the Southwest Florida area to teach two classes back to back. The first four-day class (January 25th-28th) consists of an entry-level to airbrush painting and photorealism.

Dru Blair Art entry level to photorealism
Not a photograph, Dru Blair Art

  The first day involves an important step to airbrush painting and modern art where Dru Blair teaches the proper use of color and how to mix them correctly.

According to Dru, it is not as difficult as it seems once you know the basics and in this four-day class, he will cover everything you need to know to get started with airbrush painting and photorealism. Each student will work on their own piece (above) as he instructs how to achieve depth and volume using tones, shades, and tints and his unique way of teaching the proper use of color. Everything is included in this airbrush painting course and all you need to bring is your enthusiasm and willingness to learn.

As most of you know I can not express myself enough about how important it is to be versatile as an artist these days. Learning airbrush painting techniques and photorealism can open many more doors for you in the world of modern art as well as decorative painting and faux finishing. Although I use an airbrush in some of my work for shading and shadows I too am looking forward to learning more.

Dru Blair is internationally known not only for his work but also for his at ease way of teaching techniques and has been published in many feature magazines. He also has a very successful school/studio in Blair South Carolina where he has a wide curriculum at many levels of airbrush painting and photorealism. In 2011 he traveled Europe extensively to share his knowledge with other airbrush painting enthusiasts. We have been waiting over a year to get him on the schedule for Southwest Florida and we hope to see him here on a regular basis.

As an “Open Studio” I believe all art forms should be explored including airbrush painting, photo-realism, and modern art. I hope to bring a variety of other artists who specialize in one art form or another to Southwest Florida. As artists, there is no reason to stick with only one art form or style of painting although some art critics disagree and believe that chastising one’s self to a particular style invokes perfection. Could it be one of the reasons why so many artists struggle with the “starving artist” ball and chain for fear of “critics review” or “gallery acceptance”?

Whatever the case maybe I believe in diversifying one’s self in the arts to include as many art forms as possible whether it be airbrush painting, faux finishing, fine art or even mural painting just to name a few, to combat the epitome of the “starving artist” after all it’s all relative when you practice and live the life of an artist and believe in choice and creative freedom.

For detailed information on

Airbrush Painting with Dru Blair

January 25th-28th 2012 click on

 Photo Realism Class

Airbrush Painting with Dru Blair

Real Flames and Skull

January 30th-February 2nd 2012

Auto Body Class

As you may have already noticed by now this was a class scheduled in 2012. But that does not mean that Dru Blair has stopped teaching in fact his school has expanded and awaiting more students like yourself.
So contact him via the link above and tell him I sent you…Peace!

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