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2015|Where do you want to go?

Faux painted fire place Art-Faux Designs 239 417 1888
Faux Finished Fireplace

2015|Where do you want to go?


This year, my friends, is going to take us somewhere special!

This was a question put to me by a family member that had an amazing powerful effect personally as well as spiritually. I know it’s rare and many of you know it’s unusual for me to write things like this, (uh huh yeah right, lol) but this hit me dead in the face so to speak that I had to use this for my first post of 2015

Faux painted fire place Art-Faux Designs 239 417 1888
Faux Finished Fireplace

Ahhhhh! you ask a dangerous question of someone who loves to write and could get enough reading material to last a lifetime.

Personally I have traveled to many places physically, mentally and few to the point of madness to include out of body experiences. I have been to the crossroads many times in my life even to the point of death and have broke through to the other side to have seen that there is nothing to fear. I continue to follow the artists path that has been chosen for me and never questioned instinct as my guide, for this is the answer to why I am here and what I must do. I choose not of where I want to go it is only that of what has been chosen for me.

Venetian Plaster Wall Sculpture Naples Fl
Marmorino Plaster Relief

Whether wrong or right is not for me to see but via instinct is to decide the reason for everything as to why we are all here in the first place. I believe it is He who guides my instinct and my passion as to what drives me and my work because I have no answers as to why or how I paint but only to what I must do. It is not a question of “Where I want to go” it is one of what I must do. A song written by Dave Mathews inspires me to leave this link for you. There is something subliminal that I get from it that I can not explain but all his music does this to me. Some can be taken quite literally while others can be subliminal or even both. This one inspires me both ways as instinct tells me so.

In the meantime this has certainly inspired me to write my first blog post of 2015 if you don’t mind as I think the question is brilliant and I know via “instinct” it is right for me to do so and something I must do.

As for where I want to be is not of importance. It’s more of how do I get there and why. I love what I do with my art and is important to me that I am able to touch others with the same inner passion of a piece when I am through with it. Some will say the work is amazing but for myself it goes beyond that to the point of it’s part of me, my soul and it serves a purpose, no matter what that may be.

Just as we all have a purpose in life that many do not understand and probably never will. The fact is we do not need to understand the why or how but to know and feel emotionally or spiritually whatever way you choose to look at it for it is instinct to know that it is ‘He’ who chooses that path for you. However do know this, you are not alone and everything in the universe is relative. Even when you thought you have lost total direction and you question what is right or what was wrong the facts are you were chosen for that path to learn from it and teach others about it.

Quail West Faux Finish Naples Fl
Simple Faux wall finish

Bad decisions are part of our purpose and it is our instincts that guides us through the darkness of these times of harsh realities of what we call the meaning of life and what is to serve as ones purpose here. However it takes the passion to understand and see the instincts that we are so blessed with to realize That after everything has worked out for the better were they in fact bad decisions in the first place?

Perhaps our bad decisions were in fact the right ones that were made to teach us and others to become closer to our passion to bring us to a closer view of our instincts and know when to follow them.

Your passion for which every soul has is your purpose in life and how you use it. To develop it and grow with it and understand it is totally up to you because it is ONLY you that can make things happen to help others and not to profit from the greed of it for everyone that I paint For every art work I produce whether commissioned or not…..Happy New Year……Peace!

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