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You Know, I have to be honest here,

To keep up with all the things you must do these days in order to stay in business, is an experience that we all never thought we would have to go through with the way the economy has been. The key to survival is to surround yourself with strong willed and positive people. I have faced many hurdles over the last couple of years and it seems every day I am faced with even more. For someone of my age, it is a challenging thing to over come and keep pushing on because of the fact that Im no spring chicken and basically I should be preparing myself for retirement rather than for survival, but some things are meant to be and others are not. I have always been one to never give up, which is why I have always been able to survive these economic downturns and other harrowing circumstances in my life, but there is something very special and very surreal about this one as I’m sure you will all agree.

From an artists point of view, I am looking at the world in a whole new perspective  in such a way that I really cant explain, or understand and once again I am kicking back with my beloved music collection that is stored on my XM radio because I no longer have the great L.P. collections that I once had. XM Radio has given me something that I use to have over 4 decades ago, ……..geeezzz has it really been that long? ……….. wow,…….but anyway, I have this yearning to create an art piece that, what it will be, or why, I really dont know, but I still have that yearning, or even quest you might say,……ahhh…..( my XM is really kickin’ it now with a little Jethro Tull in the background, what more could you want?……a job?……fame?……peace of mind?)  My thoughts are really running deep now,……but hey, ….. I’m an artist what can I say,….
A friend of mine gave me a call some time ago and introduced me to a product that I believe has kept me going physically through all the changes that this wonderful economy has done to all our lives. I believe if it were not because of this product I would not have improved and maintained my health and energy like I have to get through these tough times.
I have nick named this product for what I believe it to be as truely a gift from the Amazon and has benefitted thousands including myself. Some think of it as “Oh no not another one”  kind of  way, which is what I thought, but as I have grown to experience the true benefits for which it has to offer and stands for I will simply call it ArtJuice to keep the skeptics at bey.

Poco is jammin now and Im ready to start  slinging  some mind matter onto the canvas, I guess I should tell you that I call paint and all other mediums “mind matter” after they hit the canvas or what ever else your slappin’  it on, because after all, until it comes out of the tube it’s still just paint. But once it hits the canvas it’s part of what’s going on in an artists’ mind, as I am sure most creative people who share my world can relate to.

Anyway, as I was saying, everything happens for a reason and I really believe that there’s a purpose for everyone and everything, and fate puts choices in front of us everyday of our lives which directs us to that purpose of why we are all here. I believe I was put here to teach because of my personal experiences that I have endured through out my lifes journey, and I have always wondered why the good Lord has not taken me from this earth. Drugs,  alcohol, homelessness, life,  death………pain…… I have experienced it all, and I hold no regrets, because there was a reason why I was put on this path that I have walked and until earlier this year, did I start to realize why I was living with the pain that I have lived with for so many years and have become so adapted to it. I really thought it was just part of life and that I had to live with it.

 Each passing year the pain became more diffacult to live with,  but I knew I had to keep following my path to each my goals, ………mmmm  Arlo Guthrie……. boy I miss those days……….Oops sorry……..art is my passion, and that is one thing that has stayed with me thick and thin even when I was in the gutter, art was a release from my torment…… suffering …….pain …..but what I didnt realize until I looked back, that fate is what lead me down this path and my art was the only thing that helped maintain my sanity………….Joe Walsh…..Dreams……….it almost seems that way but I assure you my experiences are very real and I have the scars to prove it lol. I have looked through the homeless mans eyes ……..lived it ……..experienced it,  and even saved ones  life  once ……. and would do it again, …….I took the  beating instead of him, …..been there, done that and even painted it afterwords.

It wasnt until recently that I finally realized why I had been lead down this path and it all started with yet another choice that was put in front of me for which I was skeptical, because this path that I had been lead down by fate took something very dear from me unfortunately and that was my trust in human kind, (yet another painting)………Ray Davies………a great line up tonight……………..This is another story but its where my head has been as far as trust is concerned…..

I was introduced to something that I have been using for the last several months which has made my path much easier to follow ……..LOL  No…… I know what your all thinkng …….and no Im not reliving the good ole days  again……..Its been 16 or 17 years since I’ve even had a drink  lol………Little Stevie Winwood …. Dear Mr. Fantasy……  man its almost as if XM radio is reading my mind…… sorry …..

As my pain started to subside, only then did I really start to reflect on my life by looking at things alot more clearer, did I realize how much the pain in my life was interfering with my work…………fate?…..maybe, who knows,…………. I have come to this conclusion though, that if it were not for the  ArtJuice ,as I like to call it, I would still be living with the physical pain and missing what had been put in front of me. I just wasnt able to see it through the clouds of my pain that has riddled my body all these years,  …………Temptations  …. Papa Was A Rollin Stone…………the music line up was meant for this post, its very weird lmao………fate again?……could be……….. I think I really see what’s going on here, because the more I consume the ArtJuice  the less pain I have to live with and the more motivated and pain free I become and am able to pursue this calling . You see I am basically getting to far along in my life to climb around on the ladders and scaffolding and with the encouragement that I have been getting from others that finally, I realized the  need to teach in more ways than one. I need to teach the world what it looks like through a hopeless mans eyes while at the same time teaching others what the true meaning  of hope is, by showing the beauty of life and of the world through an artistic means and to never give up no matter what life throws at you because you see, I have seen it from both sides and I really feel if it were not for the ArtJuice relieving the every day pain that  I have learned to live with all these years that I really think I would still be struggling to get out of bed each morning and thinking more about my pain than my purpose……….fate?……..could be , who knows……….

If you would like to know more about the health and wealth benefits of this gift from the Amazon send me an email or give me a call and I would be glad to share the benefits with you ……………



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