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Art-Faux Designs Seminar a Huge Success at IDC

Saturday May 16th was the first in a series of seminars that I am doing to bring awareness to our industry at The International Design Center at Estero
I would like to thank PJ Hoover of Fauxtastics Deamscapes for her help with my seminar that I had yesterday.
With her help it was a huge success and 90% of the people who showed were impressed by the fact that I wasn’t only there for myself but I was there for everyone who is in my network and made mentioned of Bobby Pesare of Timeless World Design
I explained to everyone of how we all socialize with one another and the camaraderie that has developed over the last couple of years. As a result out of the 20 people who attended 16 signed up for my newsletter AND I was able to send Donna Phelps of the Sarasota School of Decorative Arts and Architectural Finishes a new student and gained another member for our newly formed chapter of the IDAL.
I also mentioned how Gary Lord of Prismatic Painting Studio in Ohio was and is the innovator of bringing foil finishes into our market because there seemed to be allot of interest in the foils
A couple of them even bought both of my new How To Faux Amazing Accents DVD’s that I had out just for display, thanks again PJ!
I had one person comment to me that “boy, you really ARE an expert and a professional” and in response I told her ” No Ma’m , I wouldn’t necessarily call myself an expert because I am always learning like everyone else, BUT yes, I am a professional and to me networking with some of the best artists from around the state, the country, and the world, is a way we can give our clients what they desire. If there is something a client wants that I can’t provide I am going to recommend one of us that can get the client what they want. As a matter of fact I told Bobby who to contact in Orlando about Buon Fresco and I have already recommended PJ a couple of clients for the type of mural work that she does and I don’t.

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