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Exclusive Faux Marbling How To Video Preview

Faux finishing technique for columns
Fantasy marble faux finish

Exclusive Faux Marbling How To Video

Hi Folks,

Hard to believe that it has been two years since I made this post and as I am going back to updating some older posts I found this one on

I thought it would be a good idea to post a small sampling of my nextHow to Faux Video“, the second in my special series I’m calling “Amazing Accents.”  I have finally finished the editing of the final version and I hope it will help everyone understand a little more about color value and basic color theory and is available at my online store. I already have a post about this but I should give the video a page of it’s own and show you what I mean. Check it out and tell me what you think…

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4 thoughts on “Exclusive Faux Marbling How To Video Preview”

  1. Your columns are exactly what I want, but do you have detailed instructions on how I could do this? Is it even possible for an artistic novice? The outside columns I will just make look like granite, using a spray, but the interior would be great in faux marble? What colors did you use? Do you use rolled up plastic wrap? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Robert Mendelson

    • Hi Robert thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment I love the enthusiasm. I actually have many ways of marbling columns and it all depends on the type and kind of marble it is. All my marble work is hand painted by using glaze to create the first couple of layers of drifts in a fantasy marble which is what the preview video to my DVD instructional is that you just saw. This is actually done using one color and three different values of the same color to create realism in a couple of earth colors that I use made by Faux Effects International. No I don’t use rolled up plastic but I have seen others do it. Marbling is something learned and practiced regularly by decorative artists and for some rare and precious stones it takes years to learn how to do these correctly. However there are those who are happy with just a painted marble that resembles the substrate and are happy with that. It really depends on the client. If you research my blog further you will see there are various differences.

  2. Hi, Art….You’re work is beautiful and inspirational. I’m trying to purchase your ”how to marble” DVD/video but cannot seem to find it to buy. Is it available? If so, how can I buy it? If not, will it be available again soon? Thanks!

    • Lauren I am currently updating many things due to the recent changes that Google has released. Yes I still have the DVD’s available and will be making them more readily available, just as soon as I can. You should sign up for my newsletter as I will announce it when it happens

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