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Schedule a What To Know Before You Faux seminar

Yes that’s right, a FREE Live Demonstration!

For local Lee & Collier area

Community clubhouses, place of business, model homes, showrooms, church, whatever the case maybe. You pay for all materials and I’ll supply the labor for up to 50 sq/ft of wall area.


So if you have an accent wall or maybe a whole room you would like to have completed with a professional quality finish gives us a call and let’s discuss the possibilities.

Of course there’s a limit because if there wasn’t I would be broke in a week and have more work than I could possibly handle

This is limited to a maximum of 50 sq/ft of wall area only and would have to be no more than a 4 hour demonstration in a 2 day period (max. 2 hours per day) or a simple one day 2 hour demo. is what most will do. It would have to be a combined effort to promote such an event to the public that would require 20 rsvp’s before the event would be considered a success. Through the discovery of email lists and just general press releases have already proven to work for this kind of an event especially when including an announcement in your current ad campaign.

This should be especially interesting to realtors, interior designers, builders, and yes even home owners who can benefit from this by inviting neighbors friends and even family to watch true artisans at work and having the benefit of viewing samples as well as getting that accent wall done for FREE with one a one room make over.

For larger areas there is discounted pricing should the project require a series of FREE demonstrations.

Area businesses would benefit from this repeat demos because it would draw a repeat crowd to watch the progress and it is sure to draw a crowd when it’s included in your advertising

So pick a wall and give us a call it’s a win win situation

239 417 1888

I am promoting awareness for professional decorative artists in the area and to show the quality of our work that is rarely seen by the general public

There are many things to look for when aquiring the services from a professional artist and with these seminars and demonstrations you will finally know how to tell them apart. Each guest will receive a FREE  guide to follow titled

“What to Know Before You Faux”

with information to helping them make the right decision when interviewing the person they are considering for their commission

Plus each demonstration and/or seminar will be video recorded in real time to be posted on our traffic generating blog along with links to your business which will bring even more traffic to your website and hopefully your place of business.

In these economic times you must be creative so why not try something daring  and that works!

For the home owner this could be beneficial for saving money on that “To die for” finish or getting that accent wall done for free by inviting friends, neighbors and family to watch true artisans at work and to view our samples of the current trends while finding out the variety of  techniques and surfaces that can be brought to life and to get that accent wall added for free with a complete room make over.

My repeat customers?….well lets just say give me a call because I have a something special going for you…..

So give me a call at 239 417 1888 or email me at Arthur@Art-Faux.com

This offer does not include murals,trompe loeil or complicated finishes where it takes more than 4 hours to complete the area, I mean come on be real, lol 

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