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Sean Crosby Class acknowledgements

Hello everyone

I have run a little behind with my posting because it has been a very busy November and a very long year for me with the new studio delays, self educating myself on internet marketing, videography, eBooks, Blogging, SEO optimizing, monthly seminars,  public relations, networking on and offline, client meetings, working, the Sean Crosby’s classes, and in combination with only a couple of hours of sleep every night and I DO mean EVERY night the lack of sleep for the past year left me in such a numb state of mind that my friends, colleagues and even my wife didnt even know me any longer and I was virtually walking around like a zombie.

I think what really put the icing on the cake and sent me into oblivion was the last minute change in venue 6 days before Sean’s class with no other back up. If it were not for the delays in the permitting department and owner and contractor communication when I signed the lease back in July which is when I scheduled the class this would not have happened but it is what it is and I can only hope I didn’t let anyone down and everyone had a great time. The class was a great success due to the fact that  many people  helped pull it together at the last minute when I was ready to cancel it, and I wish to acknowledge everyone who had a hand in making this happen and they are Florian, Del Rodgers, Lin Lam of Beautifaux, and especially PJ Hoover of Fauxtastic Dreamscapes along with her husband Matt Hoover who hosted Sean in their home and made him feel like family while I was meandering mindlessly  because of over exhaustion that I didn’t even realize how obviously it showed until the week of the class.  PJ Hoover once again took the proverbial bull by the horns and made the class a success with her hard work.

Thank you all for the success that this has turned out to be, Now if you all dont mind I am going back to sleep I have a years worth of rest to catch up on…….


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