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Sean Crosby Mural Class A huge success (Art-Faux Reviews)

Finally after months of waiting and planning we are finally through the week long class with muralist Sean Crosby.

My only regrets would be that I wish it were two weeks instead of one. Sean was definitely on top of his teaching skills even after being out of the loop for awhile and as a matter of fact I thought he was even better than ever! Everyone’s  mural turned out fantastic and there was a  young man and young lady that joined our ranks as muralists and artists at the ages of 20 years old. I am very proud of the both of them and am happy I was able to be a part of it because as you all know one of my main objectives of my new studio in Bonita Springs Florida is to introduce more young adults to the world of decorative art to keep this beautiful art form alive and well for the future generations to come.

I will do a separate  post on each of them so they can have their own individual review so check back for the updates or just sign up for my newsletter.

I would like to thank Sean Crosby for coming to Naples Florida to teach this class even though there were a few problems with the venue. Back in July when I signed my life away for an August 1st  start date for the new studio. I was told the unit would be ready by November 1st. Well as I was watching the progress of my nightmare develop before my very eyes because of the permitting delays instead of canceling the class I moved forward by securing a secondary venue “just in case” because there were people depending on me to make this happen. If I tell someone I can do something I make it happen ….period…..I have always been a man of my word and I never have to make promises because my word is …….well…..my word.

After securing the 2nd venue the owner was to put up the correct lighting I needed for the class and about a week before the class the owner tells me that he can not put up the lighting because of a tax bill and there was going to have to be a fire inspection  by the county as well and with such short notice he basically slipped the rug out from under me

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