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Free Estimates? No Fear Here

Murals in Marco Island restaurants newest attraction by artist Arthur Morehead 239 417 1888
Murals in Marco Island Fl Newest Attraction (photo by Michelle Smith)

Free Estimates? No Fear Here

No Fear Here,You know what I have found is most don’t realize about direct and indirect costs which has to do with time for doing estimating such as costs for labor and material that apply to take offs, meetings, vehicle expense, presentation time. “Free estimates” not in my store thank you.




marble painted panel
Trompe marble panel

 There are thousands of dollars left on the table every year in this little jewel that most do not realize. Then of course there are administration costs that should be lined item. This is probably the third highest cost to your business expense if you add in your time management expense and marketing planning. Just for estimating alone after doing some tracking I found an additional $3 to $4000.00 per month. How can you add in a profit when you are not including all of the costs first? A simple round about estimate just jumping into the van and stopping just to be “shopped” can cost your business 2.5 to 3 man hours alone.

So in answer to the question if I give “Free” estimates it really depends on several things. If you are just kicking my tires to get and idea of how much it costs then you probably call someone else before calling me. I am a professional artist and must charge for my time

I mean think about it for a minute What happens when you call a plumber or a carpet cleaner? They charge you a fee for a service call and whether you hire them or not. This keeps the time straight for what he has to pay the service provider to come and asses the costs of the job before he even starts, makes sense doesnt it.

I mean you can’t expect a brain surgeon to examine your head for free do you?

I will be adding more to this post as I had just discovered someone has “scraped” my site and stole half of this article

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