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Help Naples Interior Designs?

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Help Naples Interior Designs?

Is of course another thing I also try to do for the community as it helps to have more than one set of eyes out there. If I can help with a little inspiration of what I can see what’s going on in the market then hopefully it helps when the Interior Designers can get another opinion

murals, trompe loeil by Naples artist Arthur Morehead
More Shadow and Light

However there are those who just think we are just idiots running amok with paint brushes in our hands that don’t have a clue because they went to design school and artists didn’t. But what they don’t know is our level of learning has actually came from a much higher level if you were to put all the costs together for those kind of no talent ID they can just stuff it up their pretty little asses and get out of my way, I am sure you have seen the type? These are the ones who have ruined the market just as the same as the short shorts day of the girly faux painters that were brave enough to fly the scaffolding in front of Mr Jones early in the morning and get those fat little checks, lmao trust me the know who they are heheheheh

After all this is why I write is to try and help others with a little insight when I can. With the latest issue of Florida Designer Homes from photographer, Publishing Editor like Ron Rosenzweig I thought I would help spread the love of what is going on in the Palm Beach area of this great State of Florida that we call home. In Ron’s words This issue showcases the latest ideas and trends in Florida homes from top designers. Join thousands of readers for an inside look at captivating homes and interiors.

I have to agree that there are some pretty exquisite views from his photography work and is an expert at getting the right shot at the right time.

In decorative art and faux finishing a specific eye to details is a must because a missed hit can make all the difference in a homes Interior Design

Especially when it comes to the placement of fine art!

First in a series of three
First in a series of three

 Art-Faux Designs and Artists of Many Colors creating Wall and canvas art is also an option for customers and Interior Designers to choose us over the competitors as Artists of Many Colors can paint on canvas to any specification of original work or even 17th century style murals and wall art designs.

It takes years to learn the art of decorative Interior Design however there is help available and some times it could only be a click away. You may even get and/or be inspired by our “Live Art Studio” or can join us on one of our Google + Hangouts On Air (details coming soon) Just by signing up for our “newsletter” above.

When ever you need us we are just a click away or of course you can always call us at

Art-Faux Designs Inc Artists of Many Colors

239 417 1888

“Live Art Studio”

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