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Excellent plaster product for walls and ceilings

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Faux Effects Plaster for Walls and Ceilings

A product I was able to use on my most recent plaster faux finish project was made by Faux Effects International Inc, called O’Villa Sabina.

I have used the Faux Effects O’Villa plaster for walls and ceilings ever since it’s introduction into the market and was absolutely thrilled with the performance of it and couldn’t wait to get to work with the Sabina version.

Faux Finishing Plaster Walls and Ceilings Naples Fl
Faux Effects O’Villa Sabina Plaster

Even though this plaster product for walls and ceilings has been around for some time now I just never really had the chance to sink my teeth or should I say trowel into a decent amount of wall and ceiling area to really get a feel for the product and the possibilities it has. Simply applying a plaster to a sample board doesn’t really tell you much about it other than it looks good on a small area. Believe me, I have seen some off brand wall plasters or “copy cat” versions of others that look great on a board, but when they go on a wall it’s like a totally different story. This is why I stick with the innovative line by Faux Effects. Never once have I had a plaster for walls and ceilings failure or a call back from using their line of plasters, I even have overhead metal garage doors that were wood grained using the Faux Effects line of products nearly 8 years ago that still look like the day we did them.

Wall painting ideas Faux Effects wall plaster
Plasters for wall painting ideas an alternative

This is the finished wall with a subtle over glaze. I want to point out there are several looks that can be achieved with the Sabina and even though it is similar to the O’Villa the versatility of the O’Villa Sabina is much more. I feel this is an excellent plaster product for walls an ceilings and can be used for contemporary/modern interiors as well as the traditional styles.

As you can see from this close up the uniqueness of the Faux Effects Plaster O’Villa Sabina has, I for one love this look for walls and ceilings and if it were done on columns I could get a nice looking travertine marble finish with this Faux Effects plaster.

In this close up of the Faux Effects plaster product there are several layers for this particular look for walls and ceilings that involves 2 texture layers, but a similar look can be achieved with just one texture layer. This Faux Effects plaster product works best over smooth surfaces so if you have textured walls like a “knock down” finish, count on the expense of smoothing the surface out before applying this Faux Effects plaster product

Textured plaster ceiling with Faux Effects O'Villa Sabina Art-Faux 239 417 1888
Textured Plaster Ceiling Close Up

The Clients also fell in love with the product and added the Faux Effects plaster to the dining room tray ceiling but only in this case we took the color a little darker in value to create some contrast. I would love to add another layer of color to this ceiling and perhaps a medallion and some art work especially on the crown, but we’ll see….

Textured Plaster Ceiling Faux Effects O'Villa Sabina over glazed and waxed
Textured, glazed, and waxed with Faux Effects O’Villa Sabina

Now this Faux Effects plaster product is not available to the general public or any non licensed user which I can understand because of the characteristics of it. It is not a venetian plaster or a lime based product and can be over glazed before or after a wax is applied on a smooth application. If you apply a texture though I would recommend two coats of wax to be sure you get a 100% coverage because where miss with the wax (holidays) it will grab the color darker by at least 2 to 3 values and will have to touch it up by reapplying the plaster on the “spot” then wax and touch up with the glaze so the touch up qualities a very good as well.

So for all you Faux Effects users out there I would recommend getting to know the Faux Effects O’Villa Sabina plaster product for walls and ceilings, personally I really liked the performance and the results.

O’Villa Sabina is a trademark product of Faux Effects International Inc. and is sold exclusively through licensed distributors.
You may contact them by calling 800-270-8871 or visiting their website

Faux Effects International Inc.

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