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Starving Artists and Extra Income

Sad but true, Our economy is really in a bad way and is the worse I have seen in my 49 years that I have been on this planet.
Being an artist as long as I have, as well as being in the painting business for over 30 years, I always thought that this was enough to have a good quality of life, but the way things have changed so dramatically in the last few years I have found that this isn’t so any longer and it has forced me to look for other avenues of income in order to make ends meet.
So that is what my entry here is about and I hope everyone looks at this with an open mind because after a years worth of research and the hundreds of dollars I have spent getting to this point I can only hope that who ever reads this will at least get something from it and realize that
you have to change with the times otherwise you are going to be left so far behind
that you will never be able to find your way back to the quality of life that you once had a few years ago.

This may sound like a “Marketing Letter” but in reality it isn’t because if you follow my blog at Art-Faux.com you will see that I am the kind of person who believes in helping others in finding solutions to problems when it come to their art and business and I also help others get exposure for their obvious talents no matter the choice of art form.

I believe just living life alone is an art form any more because of the many things we are now facing on a daily basis from searching for work to creatively stretching the groceries as far as we can to make it through the week, and after a couple of years of dealing with this myself I have grown tired of it and have reached to other ways of adding income to my bottom line.
In my research I have discovered that the internet is doing unbelievably well with internet marketing as well as some Multi Level Marketing (MLM) businesses and I have chosen to pursue these avenues and found there is opportunity with these business models and have actually joined a couple MLM’s myself, but the problem was that you had to put a lot of time into them which would take away from my main business, until I discovered a system that has a unique way of marketing FOR you and will bring people TO you instead of you having to pursue them, once you have everything in place.
It actually teaches you everything you need to know about internet marketing and making money online while your making money.
Within the first week of signing up for this I had generated more leads for my primary MLM business than I have in 2 months because

these leads are actually from people who are looking for the very same kind of marketing system as I was.
The MLM business I got involved with a few months ago is dealing with Silver and Gold Collectibles and has rocketed with people wanting to be part of it and has now just launched in Canada as well and in combination with the marketing system I have just told you about that you can use for any MLM business also generates streams of income through affiliate’s associated with the system.

I don’t want everybody to think that I am no longer in the painting business because art is my passion

and I will never stop painting regardless of what the current administration has in store for us but I am just trying to tell everyone that you really should look into if not this opportunity you may consider others it really doesn’t matter to me. I just thought that this information could help put you in the right direction. I have already done all the research on different MLM companies, marketing ploys, which has cost me hundreds if not thousands of dollars because of all the trial and errors I have been through in the past year and I am using this system personally and will always be here to help along the way if you decide to join me. This will save you a huge amount of time and money by taking my advice and giving this a try if your looking for some great additional income from home because I have already taken the risk and have found this to work and it doesnt cost a ton of money to get started.

With this I will close this entry and am providing a link to my marketing system that you can try out for $1.00 for 14 days and can cancel at anytime
Art Lead Pro for MLM leads

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