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Recycled Glass Becomes Art

New medium for artists
Faux finishing with glass bead


Recycled Glass Becomes Another Medium for Artists

Just recently I was introduced to a product line that I was very impressed with

it is made from recycled glass (windshields) and is formed into a bead that is suspended into an acrylic medium which is troweled on.

I am not going to go into a whole lot of detail right at the moment because I have a few clients and Interior Designers in other states that are wanting to see some samples of some new faux painting ideas of this product and I will follow up with the details on another blog post. If you want to get this information then sign up for my newsletter so you will be notified as soon as I post this information. It isn’t a new product, but it is one that has not really been introduced into the residential market after having a huge success in the modern/contemporary commercial market.

So for now I am just posting these pics

Glass Bead FoilsOf course I couldn’t resist  adding my own touch to the finish because

I always like to be different from any one else

Glass Bead Gold Holographic Foil but I still have to show possible clients at least one of the standard colors below

Glass Bead Standard Gold

The recycled glass becomes art,  is actually a very durable and sound product,

Glass Bead Standard Gold

Click on the photo for a larger view to really appreciate the look  itself.

This can be ordered in any color but I believe they have 6 standard colors

Glass Bead Silver Holographic Foil

The one below is special because it mixes the old with the new of which one of my recent posts

where as I have combined an “Old World Fresco” with  the recycled glass to become art

Glass Bead & Fresco

This is all I have time for to post at the moment but I will have more very soon so if you want to keep up to date on this progress as well as other things I am trying out be sure to sign up below

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