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DIY Network and The Bathroom

faux finishes for bathrooms
Faux Finishes For Bathrooms

Yes I know it seems like a strange title for a post but my latest endeavor involved a faux finishing technique I have posted about before called my “Plaster for Niches” project. So I guess you might say I have started my own little diy network of followers as a result of the Plaster for Niches post

My DIY Network and The Bathroom

Of course my little diy network and the one we all know of on the internet and television show is in no way related to each other but it is based on how I network online and offline to brand myself to keep a good presence at least in the social sites so my own diy network can keep up with what I do including The Bathroom project I just finished a week or so ago. The bathroom faux finish that I came up with for my client is the same client that I did the Faux Stone Columns project for

The faux finishing technique I am using for the bathroom is very similar to the one shown on my Plaster For Niches DVD in so that it is the same technique but only using different colors and not a high gloss finish.

Bathroom faux finish, The Bathroom
Bathroom plaster finish

The bathroom was completed with a contemporary style in mind and my diy network of followers can easily do this faux finishing technique by following my instructional DVD Plaster for Niches. You may view a preview of this on my

How to Faux Previews Page

My diy network will email questions asking for advice or tips on certain faux finishes and I like helping if I can but there are some of my finishes that are made for the bathroom that I just can not divulge in because of the complicity of some of them. but the bathroom finish in this post most of my diy network could follow easily from the Plaster For Niches instructional

the bathroom faux finish
The bathroom faux finish

I love how this finish works in the bathroom with the silver and gold accents of the sink and how the texture compliments the granite. One of the questions I get from my diy network is how do I know what colors to use and my answer is that usually it comes from instinct and when something feels right it usually is.

bathroom texture
Bathroom Texture is Hot!

The bathroom texture is hot right now in contemporary designs and my diy network are inquiring about it more and more lately. I am thinking of creating a few more samples of this same technique when I get time so to stay in touch sign up for my newsletter or RSS feed but be sure you look for the confirmation email in your junk folder because I have found that most or missing this part of the confirmation proceedure

faux finishes for bathrooms
Faux Finishes For Bathrooms

The bathroom has become a focal point in today’s luxury homes these days and also within my diy network of do it on their own enthusiasts.

I love sharing my ideas with the enthusiasts and hopefully I will see more of my diy network at

The Art-Faux Designs studio in Bonita Springs Fl.

for more of my faux finishing seminars and live demonstration of even more techniques

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