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Ceiling Tissue Application

Ceiling tissue finish
Faux finishes for ceilings

I really don’t know how I missed posting this video about 

Ceiling Tissue Application

Tissue Ceiling Application Art Faux Wall Designs
Tissue Ceiling Application

until I was asked by a friend from Facebook about how to apply a tissue paper finish.

I did finalize the

“How To Faux Seamless Tissue”

“Amazing Accents”


but I guess I never announced that it was completed the

Ceiling Tissue Application

I did have a technical problem with my storage device and that may have been the reason why I never posted the preview.

I recorded this on site which made for some lengthy editing but there are

several tips and tricks that I show in this Tissue Application

that I know some of you have asked about, like

“How do you apply tissue to moldings and corners?”

Tissue Ceiling Application Art Faux Wall Designs
Tissue Ceiling Application Crown Molding

Ceiling Tissue Applications can be tricky if you don’t have the knowledge or experience. I have had such an increase in demand for this type of finish I decided to record this tissue application on-site during the process in hopes that other artists could benefit from it. Although I’m no photographer or videographer it may be a little rough but it does give you a lot of

tips and tricks to the actual application.

Most of the tissue applications I have seen all had one thing in common that I thought makes the finish look contrived or worse yet patterned to where you would see lap lines throughout the surface the wall look like a bunch of squares and if done on a ceiling it really can look monotonous, but that’s just me and my opinion.
Some really like this kind of look and I have seen a few that did look rather well but whoever did these particular jobs had planned it well and were very aware of the problem of tissue applications and worked it to their advantage.

These are the kind of artists I love to meet because they are thinking creatively and are concerned about the end results.

Tissue Ceiling Application Of Tissue by Art Faux Wall Designs
Tissue Ceiling Application of Tissue

I have seen tissue applications where a 9″ roller was used and while applying the paint they had twisted the roller which tears the tissue and you end up with big clumps of tissue all over the wall which to me is a disaster, but again some absolutely love it……

At any rate, regardless of what I like, I feel if a tissue application is to be done correctly it should have a consistent uniform appearance with no clumps tears or seams. There are three different techniques I use in a tissue application where the processes involve more time than the one that I show in this video and maybe one day I’ll do another How To Faux Amazing Accents DVD but at this time I am so far behind on editing a few others that I don’t have these planned as of yet.

So if you would like to see the preview to this tissue application then go to my DVD preview page and scroll on down to take a look at

this 90 minute instructional video

As I am updating these posts it’s really amazing how brutal I was on the English language. I have corrected a lot of the grammar and spelling issues today 8/24/2020 which Google likes to see.

So as it stands now I have just lost connection for some odd reason and I’ll bet that I will lose all this updated work anyway Such as life right?

I have added a few images to the

Ceiling Tissue Application

and let’s hope this makes the “almighty Google” happy enough to index this post like it was before

Tell me what you think and leave a comment and please be nice to Google

3 thoughts on “Ceiling Tissue Application”

  1. Hi Arthur,

    I took a class from you about 8 weeks ago in Bonita. Had a great time. I want to learn how to venetian plaster. Do you have any up coming Saturdays to teach this technique. I could round up a few people to take this class. Remember we are not here to buy the products you represent just to lean technique!
    Happy Holidays to you and your family,
    Deborah B

    • Hi Deborah,
      Great to hear from you! and just to let you know I don’t represent any product line which is why I have an open studio. There are several lines of products out there and many of them I know or am familiar with. I would just need to know what kind of VP you are interested in and the kind of performance you are looking for because many apply differently. For instance if you are looking for a user friendly authentic VP then we would use an imported plaster from Europe but then there are several different plasters within that line. Spatuala, Marmorino, Veneziano, Stucco Give me a call and we’ll put something together or email me at Arthur@Art-Faux.com

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