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Faux Finishing Dining Rooms

Dining Room Faux Finish Foil Wall Paper Naples Fl
Wrinkled and distressed faux finishing foil

Faux Finishing Dining Rooms

How rare are versatile artists in Naples Fl.?

Designer wall papers are strong faux finishing ideas for today’s modern styles?

These dining room walls did not fall short from it thanks to artists

who still possess the versatility of many art forms.

The masters of creative trades & fine arts are rarely available and are of a dying breed

As we move on with the Naples Fl remodel I think moving onto the dining room walls would be a good choice at this point being that it is at 99% complete with just the central chandelier left to be hung. The faux finishing in the dining room involves a custom design ceiling ornamentation,  a unique tray within the ceiling that I personally have not seen done which I thought was very creative idea, came from Interior Designer Janice Concilla ASID one of whom I have worked with for many years.

She has a creative intellect that keeps me on my toes without question and actually I get jealous sometimes because I didn’t think of her faux painting ideas first lol or what she sometimes refers to as “Dabby Doos” ….well that’s why she’s one of the best interior designers in the area and I am only the one who brings her ideas and/or vision to a reality when it comes to “Dabby Doos”….(She’s going to kill me when she reads this lol)

Faux Finishing Dining Room Before Naples Fl Art-Faux Designs Inc 239 417 1888
In the Beginning The Dining Room Walls

I don’t think I will spend a lot of time on writing about this one but that’s what I always say and my posts end up at 1500 words or more but sometimes I can’t help it as I have a tendency to wander in and out of traffic from time to time. Maybe I’ll get hit by that proverbial bus or Mean Mr. Mustard and bounce me back to reality, then again…..

Onward, as you can see the dining room walls are already painted by the contractor and of course this is what they call as to be “ready to go” Of course what I call ready to go and what they call it are two different things.

As I see it it looks like I have at least an hour worth of work moving everything out of the way so I can see the walls let alone do my layout of what was to initially be about 2000 cuts of what was predetermined to be on the paper layout. Apparently the contrsctor thought I would be a nice guy and move everything out of the room because they were just too busy.

So I went out to my van and got an old paper painting hat and wrote on it with a sharpie “My name is Earl” I put on a tan work shirt and came back in with a pad and paper and proceeded to pick things up and set them back down did a little writing moved on to the doors leaning against the wall wrote a little more and so on and so forth. Halfway through this routine the contractor asks “what are you doing? uhh Earl is it?” and I said “Oh I’m sorry let me give you my card.”

On the card it said; Art-Faux Movers Ltd. We move your shit today!

“Hello! My name is Earl,”

Well, the contractor looked at me and said;

“You really are a wise guy aren’t you?” “Ya know, I have heard stories about you, does that mean I have to keep an eye on you too?”

I said; “No not really, it’s just that I’m to old to argue with anyone and I just don’t have the time, just as you don’t have the time. The only thing you have to watch out for, is Earl jumping out from beyond the looking glass wearing this hat and you’ll know that someone is about to get slammed with a bill, pretty cut and dry don’t you think?”

Of course he responds by saying; “Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get it,  fair enough”

Sometimes you just have to take control of the situation in a creative  kind of way  instead of rushing in like a bull in a China closet. Controlling your own domain can be assumed in clever ways that can turn bulls into sheep for at least long enough to get what you need. In other words like the old saying goes;

“If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit!”

I know it’s a rough way to explain it but sometimes you have to be, to get the attention of the school yard leaders.

So now that we got the formalities and introductions out of the way with the contractor, the dining room was cleared out and Earl magically disappeared to the other side of the mirror.

 Metallics are a great addition into an interior and adds a significant signature to the quality of work into the design space. Because the room takes on a dark appearance through out most of the day the designer thought it would be best to liven up the room with some brighter metalics to the walls but with a modern kind of design.

With that in mind I thought of using a pre made hand made paper design to save time and money

by using a special paper cut into 18″ squares and overlap it by 2″ to give it a cool dimensional appearance.

Faux Finishing Dining Room Naples Fl Art-Faux Designs 239 417 1888
Custom cut 18″ x 18″

Foils are a hot trend in modern interiors but are also a bit temperamental when using them and naturally I wanted something that no one else has and still give the clients what they need to really kick up the rooms atmosphere and so I found these amazing line of papers that is really different.

Dining Room Faux Finish Foil Wall Paper Naples Fl
Wrinkled and distressed faux finishing foil

The photo above had a flash added to it to bring out more of the actual look of the paper and the smaller piece was actually crumpled up on purpose to give the metalics more dimension which was added to the process of the installation. All together there were approximately 2,000 wall paper cuts to this faux finish in the dining room.

Amazingly I found this 60 lb. paper to be very durable, colorfast, and easily applied (depending on application of course) I was very impressed with the results in this room as we wanted the “squares” to take on an individual appearance to add more dimension to the seams and it worked beautifully for a very unique end result.

We chose to apply the paper in both a smoothed wrinkled application so as not to make it appear real busy for the small dining room. However as I sit here looking at it the ideas of what I could do with this is taking over my train of thought again, lol

Faux Finishing Dining Room Walls should always have a special attention which I believe should also apply to the ceilings and trust me we have not forgotten about this either and will be in my next post, however at this point.

Metalic Dining Room Faux Finishing Art-Faux Designs Naples Fl
Faux Finishing Dining Room Walls

I want to add a few more pictures to show how the dining room wall faux finishing has turned out so far.

I love how the finish had brought more light into the otherwise dark room and with the other colors that were also part of the decor it did not take away or compete with the final look. However there was still something missing and as you may have guessed already the ceiling needed yet to be completed as to put the cherry on top so to speak and that will be my next post.

Dining Room Faux by Arthur Morehead Naples Fl
Faux Finishing Dining Room Walls

As we move around the room you will pick up on how the dimentional effect of the distressing adds just enough design to the dining room walls to bring out a more contemporary feel for the room. As most professionals will tell you there is that fine line as to what is just enough to not take away from the rest of the overall interior design. I believe experienced interior designers such as Janice Concilla has this kind of vision, but wait the best is yet to come which will be brought out in my next post so you may want to sign up for my newsletter, feed or maybe just follow me on my blog and/or social media accounts which are everywhere as I am not hard to find.

Metalic wall art paper for faux finishing Art-Faux Designs Naples Fl
Dining room wall art niche

There is something else I have discovered about these papers that I have found amazing that could change how foils are applied to wall finishes but I will do more testing before I release any more information on these as I feel this should be done. As a professional I have learned to not let the cat out of the bag because there are some who are out there that are just interested in selling a “new and/or discovered product” that they just want to be the first to make it known and run the gauntlet with it just to make a few dollars whereas I am not that way at all.

Faux Finishing DIning Room Walls Art-Faux Designs Naples Fl 239 417 1888
Upper lighting really makes the dimensional quality “pop”

I feel the professional artist and customer should be assured that there will be no problems in the future and with this one here that I have used I am very happy with and comfortable with using it more, besides there are not many colors available at this point until I have a “Pow Wow” with corporate about adding more designs.

I sure hope I didn’t bore too many of you but I am rather long with my posts. I suppose if I didn’t add so much yammering with stuff like Earl coming to the rescue at a time that could have turned into an unnecessary heated argument with the contractor my posts would be shorter, but then again if I didn’t interject a little humor or some of my craziness then my followers would think I was sick or something, but then again …….

There is more to Faux Finishing Dining Rooms

Faux Finish Ceiling Designs Art-Faux Designs Naples Fl.
Dining Room Tray Ceiling yes its what you think it is

Stay tuned as I have a post coming out about the

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