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What do, Wallpaper, Torn Papers, and Wall Coverings have in common with faux finishing?

How and where to buy hand-painted quality wall coverings of course,

It’s funny how the market can be so brutally competitive, and if you ask some decorative artists about wallpaper right away the claws come out, teeth are bared and they will tell you every disadvantage there is to wallpaper when comparing it to faux finishing.

However, take the same decorative artist and ask them about torn papers and hand-painted wall coverings, and they will light up and tell you how well the product performs and all the advantages of installing it.

So who or what do you believe when the person you talking to sounds so ….well… contradicting because the paper is paper right?

Not necessarily.

wallpaper handpainted torn paper technique by Michael Rogers
Painted torn wallpaper designs by Michael Rogers
I am not going to go into a lengthy dialogue about wallpaper because generally speaking most individuals already know what it is. The costs of wallpaper can range anywhere from a few dollars a roll to a couple of thousand dollars it just depends on your taste and your wallet.
Torn paper however is not as well known and in some cases can be a more cost-effective way for the interior design of a room, ceilings, niche’s, accent walls, or even columns. Torn paper technique has been associated with faux finishing for years because decorative artists in most situations create there own unique designs by using paints, stains, synthetic plasters, and in my case anything that will stick to the paper and hold up to the distressing part ( I’m brutal when I make my own). The problem with making torn paper is that it’s time-consuming and another one of those interior design finishes that go misunderstood as to why it can be so expensive. Most only see the installation part which can go pretty quickly with a

a basic installation with these

Hand Painted Papers by Michael Rogers

Designer wall covering, hand painted papers, torn paper faux techniques
Beautiful Modern painted wallcovering
Hand Painted Wallpaper for Torn paper applications by Michael Rogers
Michael Rogers Hand Painted Torn Papers

Generally, each piece is hand torn by the installer and reveals a jagged edge of either light or dark paper which adds contrast to an overall look and can be very pleasing to the eye or it can be very contrasting and bold depending on the color, value, and texture. The beauty of both wallpaper and torn papers is that either of the two can work well in any interior design as a unique wall covering.

The challenge with wallpaper is you have to spend the time trying to find one that’s just right for the interior design of a dining room, bath, kitchen, bedroom, or whatever the case may be. I have seen homeowners and Do It Yourself’ers spend countless hours online or driving from store to store trying to find that one wallpaper that’s “just right”.

On the other hand with torn paper and faux finishing techniques, a hand-painted wall covering with an experienced decorative artist can custom design a torn paper specific to what the interior design or Interior Designer calls for. Either way wallpaper and torn paper take time to either create or locate which means there’s really not much savings when comparing apples to apples.

Except one (wallpaper) you are locked into a design whereas a hand-painted wall covering you have many options.

These handmade wall coverings are designed to be applied in many different ways and techniques, unlike the traditional wallpaper which gives the artist many options to offer clients as to interior design.

This basic hand-painted paper design below in the Michael Rogers collection leaves much room to add to, or it can be a stand-alone finish and the beauty of it is,

it’s cost effective because they are already available to install.

Torn hand-painted papers, wallpaper designs by Michael Rogers
The Michael Rogers Collection

Michael Rogers’s creations could also be just a beginning to an enhanced version of your own design. Interior Designers especially like this concept because they know if they need to tweak the color or add another element to the design veteran decorative artists have the ability to do this. Because of the communication, teaching, learning, socializing, and the sharing of techniques and ideas that the majority of decorative artists do on a regular basis there has been a network of professionals that have developed across the world. Personally I have met some the best in the world and have learned many things from a number of them.

Michael Rogers has created his own unique hand-painted papers and a presence within this network of artists who can install virtually any combination and style which is one of the biggest advantages over wallpaper. Some wallpapers are so delicate that you really have no options for techniques such as geometric patterns, accents, or even color embellishments, but in most cases why would you want to?

Rogers painted wall coverings are a stand-alone finish in itself but it’s good to know the options are there.

Hand painted wallpaper covering from the Rogers Collection
Unique painted wallcovering.

These are but only a few of the designs available for installation and I would be happy to assist in helping with a consultation, install, or the purchase of a specialty covering design. Each piece is hand-painted and sealed for durability and made by Michael Rogers. Custom designs are available for the discerning clientele to the trade or on individual bases with a personal consultation by appointment.

For installation and information, you may call

Arthur at Art-Faux Designs Inc.

239 296 7966


or for the U.S.

Michael Rogers Wallcoverings




These torn paper, wallpaper wall coverings for interior design are becoming quite popular in today’s modern/contemporary interior designs as well as the transitional/traditional interiors as well. Of course, there are always the interior designs of the far east that are very popular for the hand-painted papers as well because after all, that is where it originated and of course another blog post.

If you have used or installed hand-painted wall coverings in Florida or anywhere else share your experiences below or send me an email

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  1. just love torn wallpaper faux art, very time consuming however the results are a true work of art, just beautiful. you are a very talented person

    • Thanks Sharlene in this post I talk about how many of these papers are sometime pre made by others to bring down the costs of such installations for the owners so it’s not so bad, however sometimes they must have that specialty designed type to fit perfectly with their home. These days they are “Mica” designed papers that have that high end “bling” that are really gorgeous

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