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Beautiful Stenciled Floral Design

As I work on updating my old posts I ran across this

Airbrush Floral Design,

which is a stencil design that I airbrushed quite awhile ago for one of my

faux painting ideas

Floral airbrush stencil Art-Faux Designs
Basic airbrush technique

Stenciled airbrush, originally uploaded by artmorehead.

It is amazing how things look so different when you don’t see them for awhile and then come back to view them with “fresh eyes” so to speak. Without trying to  sound to cliche by saying that artists are their own worse critic . I can see where adjustments and improvements can be made on this airbrush stencil floral design that I had done a number of years ago and thought of just deleting it altogether.

But then I thought, why?


Why not use this as a learning tool?

To be cintinued

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Stenciled Floral Design”

    • Hi Kenny, Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner and obviously I would not have been able to squeexe that in before the 5th of August as I am very busy. Most times I am booked out at least 3 months in advance. However small projects like this I can do if everything is ready to go, (for instance all the prep work) and all I need to do is paint the design and get it out the door. On a domino table where there would be a lot of wear and tear, it would be vital to do everything correctly and have a “cab acrylic” sprayed on it like the clear coats that body shops use.

      Next time you have something like this it’s best to contact me by phone or email as I don’t check my blog/site every day or you can find me on Facebbook quite often.

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