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Broken Color Faux

In my quest to bring awareness to decorative art,

I thought it might be good

to get a couple of basic faux painting ideas out to those who want to learn.

Being that I am getting into the teaching scenario I am posting  a small sampling of another one of my dvd’s that I have put together. Again I am on the color theory kick, as usual, so like in my “Fantasy Marble” DVD I talked quite a bit about the subject of color value which is part of  my “Amazing Accents” series.

I thought I would put this technique  in this group because it takes color value one step further and would go so well with the others. Oh , you thought you were done with color value after my marbling video?, no not quite there’s still more. In this segment of the “Amazing Accent” series it is still about color value but with the “Broken Color” technique. Not only is it going to give you knowledge about color value it’s also going to give something else that’s important about value which is  “Opaqueness and translucency” which is the reason why this finish works so well on its own or as a background to others.

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So click on the play button below and let this 8 minute segment tell you more.

This is a great “Bread & Butter” finish that is cost effective because there is no glaze that is added to the paint so already your saving yourself a bundle, and for the DIY people this is an easy to learn finish, it just takes a little practice as in anything else. The important thing about it is knowing how to choose the right values of color that are used. Now, I know what you’re thinking , “I already know about color theory and how to mix colors”, uh huh, we’ll see , I use to think that many years ago myself until I got into a position to where I could not fix a treatment after bragging, “Oh,I can match anything ” and found myself against a finish that I couldn’t because there was yet something more that I didn’t understand about color ………yes it’s true , been there and done that…… because believe me, I had to start some where once too, although it was many years ago, the only difference is, that your getting first hand information with your purchase of the dvd or the download and your not going to have to buy dozens of quarts of paint to be able to do this finish comfortably like I did.

This is about color value like I said and even the DIY person will walk away from this lesson understanding more about color than the  kid behind the counter at the paint store…….how many times has that happened to you?  uh huh……..thought so

As in everything else there are a few rules to this finish you should stick with when your learning to handle a large wall with this technique, which are. You don’t need to worry about dry lines. You can stop in the middle of the wall and pick up where you left off the next day. And if done correctly, you generally just have fun with it, So here’s a sample of it for you to get a look at


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