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Cabinet faux & Trompe Loeil

Old world cabinet faux
This is a flat panel

Oh yeah! I love this combination!

Even though the current trends of today

are on modern and contemporary designs where there doesn’t seem to be a lot of the traditional  or

“Old World Faux”

There is a combination of the two in what seems to be a new trend that I have seen coming into play as of late to where

Interior Designers are combining the two where the old meets the new

Trompe Loeil Cabinet (progress)

So in order to experiment with this combination, a friend of mine Craig Lebeau of Studio West in Naples Fl had a cabinet built to see what we could come up with to reflect this combination where

“Old Meets The New”

Trompe Loeil Cabinet (progress)

Now these are only the progress pictures that I have so far but as you can see the cabinet has straight sharp lines as in the modern/contemporary look, but with some old world embellishments this prototype is really starting to take on a characteristic all its own and actually  has a very unique look.

If this finish looks familiar to most of you, well you are correct. It is my

“Trompe Loeil Foil”

finish which I developed not long ago that keeps on selling and selling and selling…….

As a matter of fact I still have this finish available on DVD in my

“How to Faux” “Amazing Accents”

video series on the upper right of this page or by

this link here

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6 thoughts on “Cabinet faux & Trompe Loeil”

  1. Art
    I love the look of this piece. I know how hard it is to get crackle to do what you want instead of what it wants. I love the overall evenness of the crackle. Evenness is that a word? lolol

    • Hi Renee,
      How was it in North Florida during that cold snap? I told the wife we MUST move further south..lol
      I think its a word, lol Crackles I usually have pretty good luck with when using the “good stuff” as I would rather spray it but I couldn’t in this situation, I can control it much easier with a sprayer other wise you just have to control it by how heavy you apply it. The heavier, the bigger the crack. You must be careful though because if you apply it too heavy then it could “curl” and pop off after it cures. I have some update pictures I am going to post today of the final finish these were just progress pics

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