Foils for modern and contemporary design

Textured ceiling finishes 1

Ceiling texture finishes, originally uploaded by artmorehead.

Faux painting idea for 2008 turns into a repeating experience. This creation gave this narrow hallway a unique look all its own. Foils are one my favorite mediums for base colors because of the depth that can be created.
In the coming weeks I will demonstrate how easily the foil can be applied and will also make available many color choices which will be sold in the store along with a few other things that I use in my many techniques. I will be passing on information and product recomendations of the very same products that I use myself that are tried and true by my standards

This is one of my favorite plaster finishes, it’s a combination of different mediums which is what I love about the versatility of today’s water base products, Although I still use oil base products for that non mistaken look of authenticity , I still love the water base lines for the low VOC’s and easy cleanup aspects. With today’s development of these new innovative products I have found some are better than others ,but what one artist likes another artist may not, so its really personal preference on what you, as an individual like.

In my blog you will see that I will mention certain products by name or color but that doesn’t mean that this is the only one to use. There are certainly a vast amount of manufacturers that have sprung up over the last 5 years and new ones showing up in the market all the time, but I will give a word of advice to all. Make sure the product you use has a tried and true track record and is not some “miracle” product that has bounced onto the shelf from a manufacturer who came up with some concoction in his garage. There are quite a few product lines that I use and all for different reasons for my finishes. I have many years of experience in the finishing industry and I know what will work with what and when and where to use it.

Now back to the ceiling lol I designed this finish a few years ago based on a clients love for gold. He is a well respected surgeon and highly sought after for his expertise and for him to choose me for this project was an honor and I must say I was a bit overwhelmed to say the least.

There are 9 steps to this finish so if you have neck or back problems this probably isn’t the finish for you to be doing on your own unless it’s a small area. This doesn’t mean that it’s only for ceilings; you can use it for accents in niches, ceiling trays, accent walls.

A lot of the finishes that I have designed are budget based with the simpler glazed wall finishes being the least expensive and the plaster finishes being the next. Then of course you have the artwork which could be anything from a one color, single overlay stencil design to using an airbrush with several stencil designs.

Murals, ornamental, trompe’ l’oeil, grotessca ,graiselle, buon fresco, I mean the world of faux and decorative painting is such a huge array of techniques and styles that its really to vast to try and catch in just one blog post which is why I have started this blog for all my clients and friends to follow to see what I am getting into next lol, because most times I don’t even know what level of decorative art I am going to be doing next. As with all artists throughout history we are always thinking outside the box and venturing outside of our comfort zones. That’s what makes it exciting and fresh!All artists no matter what their passion is, weather you’re a musician, photographer, choreographer, acting, we allhave a need to release this creative energy within us all, and brave enough to try something different and creative