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Ebru Master — Demonstration (Turkish Marbling: Islamic Art)

Watch this demonstration of a classical Ottoman Art: Ebru, otherwise known as marbling. Fascinating.

This type of art fascinates me enough that I will research this even more……. eventually ….but I thought you all might enjoy this video that I found. Its very cool but it seems very limited to application methods which is what I am going to research further….There has to be a way to expand this…..lol

24 thoughts on “Ebru Master — Demonstration (Turkish Marbling: Islamic Art)”

  1. wat paints are u using?secondly can u plz tell the names of things ur using in this process.its amazing.plz any one who knws which paints r these.thnx

  2. no da ottomans had discovered it but historians have not found how it came about how they discovered it but they are sure that it came about in ottoman time

  3. wow! mashallah!! this is so amazing! ellerine saglik, dost!!
    i wanna try that, too. i am very interested in painting and stuff, but ebru sanat always seemed too difficult to me to try.
    thanks to you and to those who did that video, i gained an idea of how to deal with it!
    thanks a lot. allaha emanet olun.

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