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Faux Finishing Peacocks?

dining ceiling Luster Stone by Arthur Morehead
Simple Dining Room Ceiling with Luster Stone

Faux Finishing Peacocks?

 Interior Designer Janice Cancilla of Naples Fl.

envisioned a unique Dining Room Ceiling Design Idea, using peacocks.

Except one problem we needed over 200 of them!

I know what you’re thinking that this decorative artist (faux finisher) has finally met his match and found someone just as crazy and off the wall as he is. I mean really now, can you imagine a room full of peacocks with paint brushes in their talons?

I can, in fact that could be my next logo design and the story behind it is just as unique as the dining room ceiling finish itself and yes Ms. Cancilla and I made it happen. Here’s the story and hold on tight because it is both humorous and adventurous at the same time.

As the ceiling medallion and ceiling design layout is sharp and crisp and not overly stated there had to be an addition to this particular tray ceiling that would help illuminate what’s called the “rope lighting”. Rope lighting is tucked away behind a 5 1/4″ crown molding that surrounds the inside perimeter of most tray ceiling features and should always have some kind of focus on them, after all that’s what it’s there for right?

Dining room faux finished wallsArt-Faux Designs Inc Naples Fl 239 417 1888
The glow from the rope lighting

So where does the 200 screaming peacocks come into play?

Keep reading I’m getting to that, let me have my fun as most of you know I can be a bit of a clown sometimes and this is one of them, so keep reading it gets better.

The design was planned to use peacock feathers inside the tray to pick up the light from the rope lighting and the “glow” of the metalics from the feathers would illuminate the ceiling as well as on the feathers.

dining ceiling Luster Stone by Arthur Morehead
Simple Dining Room Ceiling with Luster Stone

In order for the feather design to work like she wanted it to, we were going to need as many as two hundred of these quills and in our area it isn’t that easy to find peacock feathers in bulk like that. Reason being is they are usually sold and used for accents in floral arrangements and not stand alone designs so the stores in our area just don’t stock many of them.

However it still had to happen because the owners of the home absolutely loved the idea and they wanted it.

So it was off to a “peacock feather scavenger hunt” across Southwest Florida, lol.

DIning room ceiling peacock feathers Naples Fl Art-Faux Designs 239 417 1888
Yes those are peacock feathers

From Marco Island to Sarasota Fl. Every Michaels, Joanne Fabrics, Hobby Lobby and anywhere else that could be thought of were stripped of what they had. Like I said places like this simply don’t stock a high volume of things like this and many other types of paints, metalics, certain plasters etc. because of such a low demand these days.

This is how it is for most trade supplier in the construction and/or creative trade market in the country right now that are fortunate enough to have started to see an increase in buyers and investors bouncing back into the market.

However in the decorative arts market (faux finishing) there has been many things discontinued and have to be researched heavily to try and locate enough of a certain specialty product to cover the space needed. I have found that many of the tools I had used to create a specific end result which usually means having to use a cross over product if you can of the same quality. They simply stopped stocking their shelves because a lot of such things do spoil and have low shelf life. The average consumer does not realize how many businesses  have lost billions of dollars just in warehousing waste alone, it’s mind boggling. Yet they can’t or even want to understand that what was once immediately available is no longer the case.

Even if you want to see a tile, stone,or even marble sample for your flooring these days it isn’t as if they can just pop into the back and give you a piece of tile (unless they have it) they sometimes have to order at least a half of a palette or at least a whole box plus pay for shipping just for the owner or interior designer to turn down the product because it’s too brown or too green, it’s a whole different ball game these days even for artists.

Anyway as our great peacock feather scavenger hunt of 2014 was under way I had this rather crazy thought. I wonder if there will be an epidemic of bald peacocks hitting the veterinarians offices with pneumonia!

Dining room ceilings faux finishing Naples Fl
Peacock Feathers from miles around

I have worked with Ms. Concilla on a number of projects over many years and have come to know her uniqueness quite well.

This post goes along with the last two posts that I have done recently on a remodel in Naples Fl.

There were so many features to this home that I had to break up the posts into several segments other wise I would have had to much for one post.

The Luster Stone in the entry was amazing

Luster Stone Entry Art-Faux Designs 239 417 1888
Luster Stone Entry

as it is in the hallways which I failed to mention in the first posts but in this one I have included a couple of more images and will continue with this series of posts which I have left links to below.

Naples Fl Faux finished hallway Luster Stone
Luster Stone Hallway Art-Faux Designs Inc 239 417 1888

In my next post I will be covering the master bedroom and bath and more of this remodel in Naples Fl.

Who ever said that peacocks couldn’t be a part of faux finishing?

Faux Finishing and Luster Stone

Faux Finishing Dining Rooms

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