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Faux paint finishes

copper leaf gilding
Copper Patina Faux Finishing 239 417 1888

Ceiling medallion faux paint finishes are hot!

Especially when using the many colors available in foils

Ceiling medallion
Copper Patina Medallions 239 417 1888

This is a medallion with a faux paint finish that consists of using a foil and a few over glazings.

This looks is absolutely stunning  with some chandelier up lighting!

Faux painted medallions
Faux to order will ship 239 417 1888

As you can see the intensity of using foils as a background to a faux finish really kicks up the “wow” factor. I love the foils because they have their own look as does gilded finishes.

This is not to say that foils are a replacement for gold leaf by any means, this is just an alternative for a unique look that has a wider range of colors with some being in a hologram

Nautical Faux Finish

This thread is an introduction to foils which have been used for many years for a wide range of different applications. They are used on everything from cereal boxes to credit cards and until recently have made an appearance into the decorative arts. Foils have been a great addition to my portfolio for when I want a really rich metallic look that you just cannot get with a metallic paint. There are a variety of colors including the basic gold and silvers which have a variety of hues and I really love the choices of the hologram colors. From a clear to even more dramatic interference colors, which change from one color to another is dependent on the lighting that’s around it.

The ceiling medallion above was done with a gold foil, stained and then over glazed. I custom make these for my clients when I am designing a ceiling finish, most times they just don’t fit with the treatment so Ill have to make the adjustments in order for everything to flow with the design. Foil applications are a rather simple application but it does take a little practice with timing for your “tack” time, and they are also cost effective when covering a lot of area like in the photo’s below where we had done this library in its entirety in a nautical theme.


The close up below, shows how everything works together as a whole when it come to working a theme room as a design. The cool green foliage compliments the copper in a couple of different ways in which it kicks back some of the warmth of the copper and yet the green compliments the red in the finish.

Nautical Faux Finishes


The leather chair and other furniture also add to the theme for its masculinity and earth tones to pull everything together and harmonize the entire room. It’s very important to me to know everything that’s going into a room such as fabric, furniture, drapery, blinds, flooring, lighting incandescent or fluorescent and even halogen can make an impact on color. All these things play in a room design and an artist MUST know color for all these elements to work together. I hope I have brought some insight to the visitors looking for some answers as to why it’s so important to hire a professional artist when considering decorative painting and a room design.

Again I would like to invite my readers to sign up and get my FREE download to the questions; “What You Should Know Before You Faux” before hiring anyone to do your decorative painting and I do welcome questions and comments.

In the near future I will be demonstrating a foil application via video for everyone to view if they are interested in taking on some smaller foil projects and will be able to order everything they need right here from this site with the very products that I use myself. I use only the best materials for their quality and ease of use because as I am sure most of you know that cheaper is not always better especially when it comes to labor……

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  1. Thanks
    It was a lot of work , this room was rather large with 12ft ceilings , so it took a massive amount of foil , lol.
    And the rivets on the panels were very tedious to apply I think there were amost 600 or 700 of them maybe more, that was one part of it that I dont mind forgetting lol

  2. There is something missing from that picture with the leather chair… me sitting in it! You really have a way of creating an environment where I can see myself just kicking back.

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