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Faux Painting Ideas January 2011

Break away faux finish
Faux break away

If  the Faux Painting Ideas  for 2011 is anything like it was for the spring and summer of 2010

then I believe a better year is in the making for the faux finishing market for 2011.

The facts are textured ceilings, art niches and marbling columns are still in demand and has carried on into 2011 or least for

Art-Faux Designs Inc it has anyway.

I have just been commissioned to marble 8 more columns where I will be using one of my favorite plastering products which is versatile enough to be used for both Old World and the more modern contemporary interior designs to achieve the combined look of the old and new in interior designs these days.

Although the contemporary interior design is still in demand I am however starting to see a shift back to the days where

Traditional and Old World faux finishes were the demand of the market.

I actually have another client who has chosen to do their small wine room that is under remodel in a faux painted breakaway finish that always seems to pop up every once in a while.

door plan for mural
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On the inside of the wine room, I have gone completely “Old World” on the walls and ceiling with the Break Away faux finish.

Break away faux finish
Faux break away

Being that the original title to this post had to do with design ideas for 2011 I have started another post which is properly titled for this particular commission.

The Old World Wine Room

I thought it might be of interest and easier to follow is that there are three separate elements to the overall project which involve a mural, trompe loeil, and faux finishing techniques.

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    • Hi Kim,
      Thanks for stopping by, Painting sapphires now that is a good question and a nice challenge. I will put this one to the front of my “things to do” list but first I will do some research on the subject, sign up for my newsletter and stay in touch this sounds like a cool finish.

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