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Gold Dome

faux finishes for ceilings
faux finishes for ceilings

Gold Dome Venetian Plaster

Gold Dome Venetian Plaster is made by using the

Faux Effects International Product Line

it is one of the highest quality venetian plasters which most professional decorative artists will use in homes of distinction. I am about quality in my choice of product lines as the difference is like night and day when it comes to the end results of Gold Domes.

ceiling faux finishes

The Gold Dome Venetian Plaster in this next photo gives a little more detail of the beauty of a venetian plaster finish

GOld Dome (cu)
Gold Dome, originally uploaded by artmorehead.

I love this finish on domed ceilings, especially with a combination of rope and up lighting is involved. This is a synthetic venetian plaster with a couple of layers of gold to create the depth I wanted. Due to the dome ceiling only being 8 ft high, I like to create finishes that give depth to enclosed or tight areas, achieving this concept will make the area appear larger or deeper.

I did this work at a clients at St Raphael in Naples Fl. There are two different colors of venetian plaster, that are blended together in a way so that they are not over blended.  In order to do this type of finish it is important to know and understand “color” because if you over blend the two different colored venetian plasters they will produce a “muddy color”

I use both authentic imported lime plasters from Europe and the synthetic plasters which are mainly produced here in the U.S. for a wide variety of reasons but for this finish I needed the more open time to get the effect I wanted which I couldn’t get with the imported plaster because they dry so much faster and really don’t allow the time to get a gradated transition from one color to the other and still be able to control the color value. Although this is similar to my “Plaster For Niches” finish for which I have made a “How To Faux” DVD this technique is a more involved process but if you compare one to the other you will be able to see the subtle differences in the

“Gold Dome Venetian Plaster Ceiling”.

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