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Hand Painted Furniture (trompe loeil)

Hand Painted Ornamental Design by Arthur Morehead of Art-Faux Designs Naples Florida
Hand Painted Ornamental Design

Hand Painted Furniture

It seems I just can’t get away from the Trompe l’oeil work for hand-painted furniture,

but you know I love this kind of work especially when I have the time available to do my own thing.

I was introduced to yet another Interior Designer from one of my vast array of contacts that I have built up over the last couple of years as a result of my “Gonzo Networking” as I like to call it named so after one of my favorite writers Hunter S. Thompson

who was a well-known author and a controversial journalist of the ’60s on up until his demise a couple of years back. This type of networking just proves  that you should do this every day no matter what  shortfalls the economic conditions throw at us, but I will go into this kind of things on my new blog that I am getting ready to launch on marketing for the artist as well as some ways to make some additional income during times like these

But for now, here’s a couple of .jpeg images of a hand-painted furniture piece with some ornamental Trompe l’oeil in a french country style

Distressed Furniture

The design and layout was all hand-painted with an orange-gold metallic to complement the french blue

French Country Dresser

This is a better shot to get an idea of the kind of depth that can be created with a simple design and a little Trompe l’oeil

Gold hand painted design

I personally like hand-painting projects like these because of the authentic look you end up with.  It gives the piece a much higher quality end result than using a stencil design. It’s Not that there’s anything wrong with stencils I just prefer  not to use them on furniture which gives you the freedom of designing your own unique touch

Custom ornamental design

With the opening of the new studio, simple techniques such as this one will be taught at the new location in Bonita Springs. I have just received the Certificate of Occupancy and am in the process of getting everything in order to have a nice opening, Sign up for our newsletter to keep updated on all of our events that will be coming very quickly and maybe we will have more hand-painted furniture to show you

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  1. Wow, I love absolutely love French furniture it is stunning. I have to say, I have never seen anything like the design above. I love it! The blue and orange gold go so well together. I think I have found the colour scheme for my French style bedroom.

    Thanks, and really well done!

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