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Hand painted mural

Naples Mural Painter
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Hand Painted Mural

Hand Painted Mural in Naples Fl on some of my earlier posts I just couldn’t believe how sparse they looked with content, so I am on a quest to do some updating. I started my blog out on the concept of

Faux painting ideas and a

“Hand painted mural” and this color study of a landscape painting served me twice, not only did I paint the mural from the study but I actually sold the study for a kitchen back splash.

Murals by artist Arthur Morehead

Ashton place, originally uploaded by artmorehead.

Faux painting ideas

go far beyond the typical color wash that most have familiarized themselves with in connection with Faux Finishing Ideas There is a whole variety of other decorative painting techniques that can add to the decor of a room, but with this post, I am going to focus on murals. There are many different styles and techniques and it can be a bit overwhelming for most homeowners to go through trying to find that right artist for the commission.

It is important to find a hand painting mural artist that is the right fit for you and your work, myself, I prefer to meet the client for a first consultation to find out if they have a preference as to what kind of look or feel they wish to accomplish. Usually, an artist can do a rendering from your thoughts and ideas of what interests you, which would determine the style of the mural. With so many styles and techniques to choose from its up to the artist to get you going in the right direction and if an interior designer is involved that even makes the process a little easier for the artist.

Interior designers have the experience and training to communicate their visions of the final outcome of a room’s decor and are a great addition to a team of craftsman and artists, they especially know how to communicate color to other trades so as not to overwhelm the client in what could be a difficult decision.

On the other hand, an artist should be able to communicate with the client well enough and be able to gather enough information to not to involve a designer if the client so chooses, which brings me back to my first point in choosing the right kind of artist.

I have a questionnaire that has 5 very important questions that I believe should be asked of any artist whether they just do the basic wall glazing or are into all aspects of faux finishing ideas because every professional artist will know the answers to such questions after all these are the basics and as we all know in life you must learn the basics to anything that you choose in order to advance to a professional level.

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