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Introducing The Naples International Film Festival

I would like to take a moment here and introduce one of our newest members of

The Naples Group

( Naples Area League of Professional Executive Services)

It is an organization that is bringing a lot of new artistic talents to the area as well as rediscovering artists who have been here for many years.

The Naples International Film Festival

This is one of the films that are under the trailers tab that I was very impressed with due to the fact that they are dedicated to bringing awareness to the beauty of what South Florida has to offer.

The Everglades is one of the most beautiful places on earth and there is no other place like it in the world.

Because of the efforts of the NIFF and the professionals involved in the making of this documentary which includes one of the most influential photographers of our time in my opinion

Clyde Butcher

Who I have had the honor of meeting at another photographers studio grand opening not long ago here in Naples Fl

John Brady

Another photographer in this video

Rick Cruz

Also shows the passion that he has for the Florida everglades

That I thought it might be appropriate to honor everyone involved in the making of this short film by trying to give some exposure by posting this for all to see.

On my quest to show my artist friends that are involved in the decorative arts that learning from many art forms is essential to our growth. The decorative artist replicates nature at its best and at its worse and understanding the beauty of an array of art forms will only expand the excitement that we feel when discovering something new for the first time and to keep that passion fresh and alive



2 thoughts on “Introducing The Naples International Film Festival”

  1. Don’t forget about The Cove, which is also screening at NIFF. It’s a very important film, and it’s something I think everybody should see. The director is leading a dolphin cruise on friday too, which sounds like a lot of fun

    • Thank You Luke,
      Yes I agree, I also saw the trailer for this very important film and I will post this as well. The public needs to be made aware of the kind of abuse that is occurring all for the gain of the mighty dollar. The work that went into this film is amazing because of the risks and the dangerous situations that these film makers had went through by literally putting their lives on the line to get the footage so as to bring awareness to the public of how serious that a problem like this really is and the possibilities of where it could lead…….For those of you who wish to see more about this…….
      here is a link to my post …….The Cove (NIFF)

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