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Modern Day Faux Painting

Tissue faux finishing ideas
Tissue, the versatile artist medium

Faux Finishing For Today’s Designer’s

Has a new look with a contemporary flair

Well,  here I am up all night again doing the things that I really do enjoy doing, but I just wish there were more hours in the day to be able to do all the things I need to do so I can fall flat on my face more often due to lack of sleep, but it must be done….and so it goes…….

And yet another powder room finish in which I have discovered, or rather truth be told the idea was passed on to me from another artist friend of mine, Lin Lam, for this tissue finish technique.

Although I would like to lay claim to this, it just wouldn’t be right  not to  give credit where credit is due in my opinion, which is more like a code of conduct and a respect that we all have for one another as artists……..or at least most of us do…..

Faux wall paper
Tissue paper faux finish design

It seems that modern day faux painting is really taking quite a foothold in today’s market and I am starting to see some formulated product lines coming out that reflect this for use with contemporary and modern designs.

I know color is color when it comes to an artists stand point but lets face it, most of the products that where made available in the past where all designed for Traditional and Old World techniques so you really didn’t see a lot of the bright cadmiums, thalo and a number of others for reasons other than just what I speak of

When Lin showed me a sample of this finish it blew me away because of the vertical application and it so happened that I had a client that was interested in a grass cloth look but didn’t want what everyone else had.

So after adding my own twist to the finish the client fell in love with this look which actually turned out quite subtle to my surprise

Bathroom faux
Art-Faux Designs Naples Fl 239 417 1888

I like how it’s some what sporadic in the movement which leaves a lot of room for different looks and ideas, for instance when I look at this I think of Birch trees in the mountains and I suppose you could even use this idea for a canvas piece….hmmmmm

Maybe I’ll get on that idea as a relief ……to continue the

The Modern Day Faux Painting Ideas

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4 thoughts on “Modern Day Faux Painting”

  1. Hi-
    I’ve been experimenting with a modern line of finishes that work alongside all the great natural wallpapers and grasscloths available right now, and this looks like a beautiful option. Any way you could pass along an idea of how you did it?

    Many thanks,

    • Oh Stephanie, you know “wallpaper” and faux finishing in the same room makes an artist crazy? lol. This finish was actually passed on to me by another artist and I don’t think it would be fair or ethical for me to pass this on to you, without their permission, but I will contact the other artist and discuss it. I can tell you this though it isn’t done in the traditional sense of applying tissue.

  2. Thanks Renee,
    Yeah I was really impressed with the technique also. It was a two layer application and was able to do it myself which made it cost effective for the client, as in the adage “Less is Best”…..

  3. Art
    I really do like this finish. It reflects such a clean crisp feeling and definitely a contemporary look.
    On another note, I totally understand about there not being enough hours in the day or days in the week to do all that we would like/need to do.

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