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New artist on the Horizon

Now that I am finally catching up on some much needed rest I will be trying to catch up on some much needed posts. I have fallen behind because of falling asleep at my laptop while trying to write my usual posts because my refusal to believe that human beings need any sleep at all.  I should be back to my old self again very soon and all my regular style of content will be back with it. Weather that’s a good thing or not is a matter of opinion because I have had a few emails sent to me in favor of me giving up on writing all together lol.

I am writing this post to bring attention to a couple of young artists that were in the recent Sean Crosby class that was

hosted  in Naples Florida by Art-Faux Designs Inc.

With the help of many who I have acknowledged in a previous post these two young adults are going to be

ones to watch very closely in the art world.

John “RJ” Valdez a 20 year old young man that did an exceptional job in class on his mural with the guidance of  Sean Crosby has a very bright future ahead of him.

With the encouragement of his father James Pascale of JJ Staten Homes it was truly an inspiration class for everyone because of the support that James shows for his sons  education. It seems that we don’t see enough of this kind of support for our young adults in today’s world due to  fast pace of technology that keeps pulling our young further away from traditional ways of art, which one of my goals is to bring more fresh new faces  into the world of the decorative arts.

John ArJae Valdez
John "ArJae" Valdez

One of the reasons I have worked so hard to get one of the top instructors in the country ( Sean Crosby) to Southwest Florida was to show him how much advanced education is needed here so as to introduce the younger generation into our market. We are not getting any younger and I would really hate to see the art of decorative painting come to an end, just as the fine art of sign painting or calligraphy has, even pin striping is a dying art and I believe with enough interest and dedication from area businesses and artists we can revamp the arts that have seemed to have died out and together can be brought back by our young

I really don’t have enough room on this blog to post all of Arjaes work but I have picked a couple of pieces he has done in the past and thought for someone who has an ability to do something such as this with no formal training he deserves to be recognized. So here is a couple of works of his that I shows a personal style and technique that only he could have which I like to call an artists individuality.

Oil on canvas
Oil on canvas

With no formal training other than this class be sure to watch for this young man in the future

John Arjae Valdez Wall mural (oil)
John Arjae Valdez Wall mural (oil)

For information on future classes sign up below for our class newsletter,

Internationally renowned instructor Sean Crosby will be returning to Naples

We support continuing education and welcome all artists to join us.

More guest instructors in all mediums coming in 2010

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2 thoughts on “New artist on the Horizon”

  1. YOU GO RJ!!!!! I too am concerned that younger people will continue this business His paintings are wonderful and its great he got the chance to paint with Sean! Keep up the good work!

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