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New Decorative Artisans League Chapter in SWFL

April 8th, 2009

International Decorative Artisans League (IDAL)

forms in Southwest Florida

       I really believe that some things happen for a reason and today once again it has been proven to me.

It all started when I was asked to join a social forum about six months ago by an artist that I have socialized with on a few other forums over the years.

Yes it’s true that I belong to many forums. LOL What can I say, I like the computer age and the many ways that this type of networking can be utilized.

Artist Kathy Boyd of KB Designs in Minnesota started a forum called Art Fusion about six months ago and of course I couldn’t resist. Even though some people think I shouldn’t write because my grammar is not the best I still do it anyway, call it want you want, but I like to express myself not only with my art but also with my thoughts and opinions

  As a result of ArtFusion there were several groups from different states around the country that started to form and the one I frequent the most is called Fabulous Florida in which several artists from around the state had joined. It turned out that many of them I had already known from other forums and online discussions.

After we all realized that most of us were right here in SWFL we started looking for ways to get together but with our schedules and commitments it was tough to make this happen.

Through the efforts of Bonnie of Bonzart Faux Studio she has made this happen by starting a core chapter of an organization called the International Decorative Artisans League (IDAL) and through her efforts of emails, phone calls, posts on ArtFusions Fab Florida and maybe even a little “yellin” at the top of her lungs to get our attention she was able to finally get a few of us together today to form what is now a core chapter in Southwest Florida of the IDAL!

  This was a huge undertaking for her and I would  personally like to thank her for all her efforts here publicly and to let her know how much we all appreciate what she has done for the area artists.

  Stay tuned to my blog because there will be some pictures posted here of our first meeting and I will be introducing the board members along with their links and again I would like to thank Kathy Boyd for starting the Art Fusion and Bonnie for getting this core chapter of the IDAL underway.

 I would also like to thank Teresa Farland of
Blu Water Decorative Finishes for hosting our first board meeting at her wonderful facility. Teresa has a great little studio where she is carrying and teaching the new product line by Modern Masters and I think everyone should take a look at this amazing new green product .

Speaking of new products, I am very excited about my first video for sale online right here. Check it out

2 thoughts on “New Decorative Artisans League Chapter in SWFL”

  1. Arthur, Thank you for such a wonderful artical on our newely formed chapter of IDAL here in SW Florida. I’m looking forward to moving forward as a group and interacting with all of the artistic endevors & talent we have here in the SW Florida area. PJ hoover of :
    Fauxtastic Dreamscapes LLC
    ph# 239-289-6104

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