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New Studio Mural Project (day 1)

Studio mural Bonita Springs FL
Laying out the mural design

We are finally in the new studio

and are now getting ready for the opening!

Yes I know, the construction delays have been horrendous to say the least, but as of a couple of weeks ago they gave me the “O.K.”

So now I will work as hard as I can to regain some of the lost time.

This weekend was very productive for me because I was able to get the basis of the new studio mural project started, and I must say for an old guy I even impressed myself and was able to get all of the trompe loeil architecture features laid out on this 20′ x 14′ wall and the first coat of base paint applied. I am going to blog this with progress posts to document the procedure for my current and future clients so they can get familiar with some of the steps involved

Art-Faux Designs Bonita Springs Studio

Being that I limited the space on the reception area to only a small area in order to have as much working studio space as possible, I had already planned to create the illusion of  space through the use of trompe loeil and landscape murals. The east and west walls will adorn more trompe loeil in the form of marble and wood panels with some ornamental designs.

Art-Faux Designs Bonita Springs Studio

As you can see there are a few problem areas that have to be worked into the concept which is really no problem at all once you have a plan of attack, but in this case I am working on the fly with this because I have no time to spend on renderings if I plan to be open by the end of March.

I work well under pressure and sometimes I even amaze myself when I have to be creative in situations like these. Two of the problems like the return air vent and the double doors leading into the class room I have already remedied and will hide these within the mural project. The A.C. duct I am still thinking about. The “kick plates” are really an eye sore but I am not allowed to paint these ……but now that I think about it they didnt say anything about removing it though lol

Art-Faux Designs Bonita Springs Studio

Being that its tight quarters I am forced to do the best I can with the Sony camera I have to get the shots necessary shots to show the progress.

Tomorrow I plant to get the color and over glaze done accomplished so I can move on to the trompe loeil…….

7 thoughts on “New Studio Mural Project (day 1)”

  1. Enjoyed your seminar on 4/2/10. Looking forward to your new activities. I want you to paint some large palm fronds on a bathroom wall already painted chocolate brown.
    Simple, realistic leaves……nothing too complicated.

    • Thank You Gail,
      I really enjoy doing the seminars and when the studio is officially open I will be able to do more. I get a number of requests to do demonstrations and I have done them at the Miromar Design Center but I had to stop because there just is not enough time to answer everyone’s questions. I feel some leave disappointed because of the time constraint but there are some things I can not control. At least it will be a bit more comfortable for everyone..
      As for the palm fronds I would be happy to do this for you, but you will have to call me to set up an appointment at 239 417 1888 or send me an email arthur@art-faux.com

  2. Good luck with your project…Love the format of this blog page look forward to following this project.but you have to change your colour schem

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