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Southwestern Style Gameroom Makeover with Texture Effects

Southwestern faux finishes
Old World plaster

Art-Faux Designs Inc featured in Home and Designs magazine

It featured a heavy “Old World Plaster Finish”  that took many layers of texture effects with over glazing in between to create the translucent depth that these walls have

The crown molding, doors and casings were wood grained to match the mahogany wainscoting around the room perimeter of the room. The gold leaf gilding was done just below the crown in order to pick up the design off the light above the pool table and the green of the pool table felt was matched as a background

Southwestern old world faux finish for Gameroom

The clients and I really loved the look my crew and I were able to achieve with this particular plaster medium. This is a game room where the owner wanted a southwestern kind of atmosphere but also with a traditional look to work with the rest of the home. I can’t stress enough that the use of color with texture is an important aspect of a decorative finish.

To get this look there were many layers of texture applied to build depth and authenticity into the room. I don’t know if I would call this a faux finish because the texture here is very real.

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  1. I think your work has come leaps and bounds Arthur, the hard work and dedication over these months is very apparent. I love your passion and ambition! Congratulations on your blog, Best Of Luck!

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