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The New Look and Re-Designs

Foil faux painting ideas
Foil and Bamboo

As redesign seems to be the trend for decorative artists,

I to am participating in this adventure of

New Looks and Re-Designs.

I recently changed an Eastern design foil application to a warmer colored foil which one of my existing clients absolutely loved  when compared  to the other foil I have used in the past for this finish.

The previous foil was on a greener cooler side which looked grayish against the warmer gold finish on the mirror frame which we all know is one of the main accessories that holds the whole design together in a room such as this

Bathroom faux

Now there are a few things I must warn you about.

When working with foils  it can be a very temperamental medium when it comes to applying them as a “New Look” for a bathroom faux finish. In my experience it is difficult to achieve a 100% coverage with the first application when certain variables are involved.  It can not be achieved in some cases which is why the re-design side of the faux painting idea needs to be thought out when creating samples for your client if you are wanting to only apply one layer of foil.

This particular design was actually introduced to me by artists Pam and David Schmidt many years ago and I instantly fell in love with the foils. I am not sure but I believe the use of foils were first introduced to the decorative arts market by Gary Lord of Prismatic Painting Studio and Donna Phelps of The Sarasota School of Decorative Arts who are very dear to me.

I also loved Pam and David’s approach to the mural painting which is what I used here for the bamboo

but I made a couple of changes and re-designed it by leaving the cooler gold foil for a warmer color of gold

for this particular client.

Bamboo Foil

The New Look and Re-Designs

are important for faux painting ideas in today’s market and sometimes even the most subtle changes can make the difference of what sells or sinks a treatment.

If you look close you can see a lot of the back ground color of the red coming through the foil which is one of the reasons

I used a warmer “redder” foil

I also kicked up the intensity of the highlights on the bamboo to bring the contrast and values closer to the brightness of the foil so as to try and “meld” the two together before over glazing the finish. The highlights had just the right amount of intensity to pick up the glow of the foil but yet not to much to throw the contrast out of whack

Gold Foil Bath

because in most cases these faux painting ideas for bathrooms have ceilings that are either to high or to low and are

compositionally challenging, especially when it comes to a mural design.

With the mirror spanning nearly a third of the wall, negative space played an important role in the bathroom re-design, as with most powder rooms, so I had to bring both the mirror frame and the foil finish together without losing one within the other, which made the room even more challenging but with my arsenal of unique materials that I find through many hours of research I am always prepared for any challenge.

I love working with things that no one else has which is why a lot of the foils I work with you don’t find very often. Reason being is that distributors simply wont sell them because of the difficulty of applying them sometimes.

I find ways to make things happen which separates me from everyone else and why I have these foils. When everyone else has given up on the problematic “Red headed step child” I see  something worth not giving up on. New looks and re-designs in faux painting ideas are challenging and by using foils decorative artists are able to create something beautiful and unique with a

new look by re-designing a portfolio…

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3 thoughts on “The New Look and Re-Designs”

  1. I am very impressed by this wall treatment. I am about to endeavor on a few mural painting projects for my manager at my daytime gig, a flower shop. But there will be anticipated awkward angles I’ll have to work with, much like this, incl. vaulted ceilings and above kitchen cabinetry daisy garland. Besides, being an art graduate, I can appreciate the realistic look of this but also the color choices. It really pops! That’s what I hope to achieve for my boss in her home, things that pop but are also enjoyable to come home to.
    Thanks for this, it may help me in my techniques…and pricing…
    Sincerely, an Iowan female starving artist 🙂

    • Thanks Sara, the original finish was taught to me many years ago by none other than Pam and David Schmidt who once worked together on projects with Gary Lord. The opportunity arrived when Donna Phelps of The Sarasota School of Decorative Arts invited me to meet these wonderful artists. This is when foils were just starting to make an appearance which I believe was first introduced to the decorative art market by Gary. The innovation of course has made a huge impact and now foils are commonly used by nearly every decorative artist that I know of. However I have changed a couple of things but the design pretty much remains the same and I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t give credit where credit is do. Thank you so much!

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