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Trompe Loeil popularity

Stone Faux Finishing
Trompe Loeil Stone Finish

Over the past year, I have seen an increase in popularity in Trompe loeil being used as a solution to a problem

rather than the beauty of the art form, which to me it really doesn’t matter either way, as long as I am painting it!

In the many years that I have been painting, Trompe loeil has always been one of my favorites, probably because of my fascination with architecture.

On this one, I was asked if I could make this pocket door “disappear” because the owners of this home didn’t like how obtuse it was in such a tight surrounding after having this guest bath remodeled

Trompe Loeil Tile
Which is real?

Matching the wall tile that had a chiseled edge was a bit challenging but not real difficult

All it really is about is light and shadow.

Trompe Loeil Tile
Chiseled Edge Faux Finishing

Nearly finished, the result is what the client was wanting, and with a final overglaze to warm it up. The finish was a great match

and I have another happy client

Trompe Loeil Tile
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Small jobs like these can be very expensive if you resort to glazing techniques which dry slowly and increase the number of trips back and forth

Having the knowledge of being able to work in several mediums and techniques I used a fast drying system here with virtually no glazing which reduced the number of trips back and forth and brought the costs down to the clients budget, or close to it, and was able to make this pocket door at least blend in with its surroundings for a reasonable price by using a popular Trompe loeil technique

And more importantly another happy client…..

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