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Sean Crosby coming to Naples Fl.

As many of you know I have been working very hard all year long to get to the point of opening a new studio and I would like to announce that the new facility has been finalized this week and the next steps for the build out are underway with the design stage.

I have also kept everyone informed through my not so regular newsletters that there were going to be some exciting things happening for Art-Faux Designs and Southwest Florida. After all the hard work not only from myself, but from others who also believe that a change is needed, I would like to announce that we will have renown artist/instructor Sean Crosby of the Mural school here to teach a class in early November!

As many of you know Sean is known for his expertise in woodgraining, marbling, and murals and is regarded as one of the best in the world and I am proud to say that we have the chance of having him as a guest instructor at Art-Faux Designs and actually will be the first of many top renown artists who will be here to teach in the future.

The reason for this post is to get everyboby’s opinion of what they would like to learn from this class and by going to the class sign-up page we will be able to inform you of further updates


9 thoughts on “Sean Crosby coming to Naples Fl.”

    • Hi Saskia,
      I am in the process of announcing it now so stay tuned, Did you signe up for my newsletter?
      This is very important to do, I have so many people interested that I have to keep everyone informed this way,

      Its imperitive that you signup for either the class page or the newsletter to keep informed
      I am adding another blog post as we speak and will be sending out a newsletter announcing the class , dates and costs, The deposits will be made through my store.

  1. Hi Art,

    I live in Tampa so this class would be very feasible for me. I am more interested in a mural class. I like the idea of the libyan symbol. Anything with a figure in it and trompe l’loeil would be good. I’ve done with wood and marble and it is a fabulous class and his techniques are so effective, but with the economy right now and although I do much more faux, I’ve been doing this a long time and can figure the faux thing out on my own, I’m only spending money on mural classes and are even being really selective with those.

    thanks – really looking forward to seeing your new school and what you have to offer


    • Hi Dawn,
      Yes Sean and I have discussed this and understand the climate. The responses I am getting are reflecting much of this which is why we have put this out there like we have because we wanted to hear from everyone. So far its looking very good and I will be posting the information on the 1st of September. We are getting a mix of both and may do back to back classes so everyone can get what they need. The most important part for myself personally is to listen to what the wants and needs are of you. The class sign up page is more for getting some feed on what you as artists would like to see weather its a new product you have seen or heard of that I havent seen yet and would like to know more about for a possible future product demo. The thing is though they will have to get it past me first before I will allow it in my studio. I have already been testing and working with a few of the new product lines out there and have been posting my findings about them here on my blog. I am a hardass when it comes to quality and I will not endorse anyones product for the sake of making a dollar, so when you see my opinion on a certain product or technique it is only my opinion and nothing more and I want the best for who ever walks through my doors weather it be for a class a new product introduction, or maybe even a new tool line to help us speed up production, who knows,
      I have been in the painting and coatings business for over 30 years and a decorative artist for the last 12 years and I want to share my experience and knowledge with everyone from all art forms. The open studio concept IS just that, a welcoming for all artists, fine artists, sculpture artists,clay,pottery, If I had the furnaces I would even have glass artists lol

    • Hi Reynaldo
      Yes its very exciting and I cant wait to see it happen. I met Sean quite a few years ago in Vero when he and Michele Nadai were doing a marble and precious stones class together and what an impressive team these guys were! I have been very fortunate to carry on a connection with them ever since. I hope to go to France next year to Michele’s new studio to meet up with him and Kyoko once again. I would really love to see Michele and Sean together in a class again, They demonstrated a Sienna marble technique on a column that absolutely floored me! The creative energy between them was remarkably fluid and non stop while working around the column, and the confidence level was amazing, I have been a huge fan of theirs ever since. As a result of this I sought after other artists closely connected with them because of the genuine passion that they have for the decorative arts which developes into a passion for teaching others what they themselves have learned from others.
      I have actually realized myself that I have developed this same passion to teach others of what I have learned over my 30 plus years in the painting business as well as the nearly 12 years in the decorative arts but in reality I have been an artist ever since I could hold a brush.
      To me education is priceless when you grow from it and no matter what the cost of it, I will always seek it out weather it be decorative art, fine art, sculpturing, etc.

  2. Renee,
    we are entertaining the idea of doing something to that effect so as to make it more affordable. If you are able to afford both then there would be a discounted rate but if only one is affordable this would be ok as well. We know the economy has been rough on all of us and Sean and I have discussed this, We really would like this to be a success so we will do the best we can to make it happen….

    • Hi Kelly
      yeah I love that one also, but I also love his marble and graining techniques too, We were thinking of back to back classes to give everyone some options because of the economy, Thats why I am taking suggestions….. I am asking my immediate contacts first and then Ill put it out every where else. We have to decide by September 1st so we can get the pricing out there far enough in advance….

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