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Fine Silk Fabric Art of Leigh Herndon

Fine Silk Fabric Wall Art by Leigh Herndon
Fine Silk Fabric Wall Art by Leigh Herndon "Ghosts"

Fine Silk Fabric Art of Leigh Herndon

brings a little San Francisco to Southwest Florida

Textile Art known as Rozome has been used by Japanese master kimono designers for centuries. The wall art of Naples Fl Fine Artist Leigh Herndon has brought fabric art to the fine art world of SWFL by allowing her work to be viewed in her own online gallery. Fine Silk Fabric Art has been part of American history even before the birth of our country in 1776 when Betsy Ross put the first stitch to this country’s National flag.

I would like to quote an article written by artist Claire Cambell Park that best describes the insurgence of fabric art into American culture which she writes  in a far better way than I. My way of butchering the English language could possibly offend some of you as subscribers and I am afraid of losing some of you and  missing the point of how important that fine silk fabric art is to our own countries history and melting pot of many cultures during the 1960’s and the San Francisco, Berkley, Height Asbury days and still quite popular to this day

 ” Although founded on European assumptions of fine art, fiber art is equally grounded in textile art traditions around the globe. Issues of appropriation in relation to fiber art have evolved since fiber’s critical formative years in the 1960’s and 70’s. At this time there was an explosion in awareness of diverse cultures. This was reflected in the curriculum of California colleges and universities and invigorated the parturition of fiber art. The desire to mainstream into the fine art establishment gave rise to a trend in the 1980’s and 90’s, which continues to the present, for some artists to distance themselves from these textile traditions that are based on community values, heritage and faith. It is this artist’s contention that the most appropriate of appropriations is a renewed appreciation of the cultural values evident in global textile traditions once again reinvigorating our understanding of fine art.”

Fine Silk Fabric Wall Art by Leigh Herndon
Fine Silk Fabric Wall Art by Leigh Herndon “Night”

I could not have said this any better myself because once again it is one of those art forms that art critics still label as a craft which in my opinion can be be both a fine art as well and fine artist Leigh Herndon shows this in a modern mixed traditional way with an artistic style that gives it her own unique style. Many cultures devised the use of textiles to encourage the freedom of self expression during a time in our countries history when our feedom of speech, equal rights and freedom to assemble were so blatantly being chastised and controlled by the powers that be that the use of fabric and wearable art in the boldest and purest of colors gave point by the masses that changes had to be made regarding equal rights for all was important for everyone’s quality of life to be able to live freely as to what our country’s Constitution was based on in the first place.

Fine Silk Fabric Wall Art by Leigh Herndon
Fine Silk Fabric Wall Art by Leigh Herndon “Ghosts”

I am not trying to make this into a political rant, I am just trying to make a point that fine art exists in every art form and after viewing this artists work I could surely see and understand the statement trying to be made or at least that’s my opinion of this fine silk fabric art.

From time to time I find local and non local artists that have unusual or exceptional talents that I find extraordinary and love to share their work and information with everyone. I run across so many things of interest that I wish I could write about all of them but then I wouldn’t have time to do my own work. I know sometimes the posts are rather long and I will shorten them up more in the future unless they are on an instructional basis.

Fine Silk Fabric Wall Art Leigh Herndon
Fine Silk Fabric Wall Art “Solace”

You may contact artist Leigh Herndon at her studio in Naples Fl at 239 263 7932 or email leighherndon@comcast.net

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Fine Art of Leigh Herndon

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In addition to Leigh’s fine art there are many other talents. This artist not only has the fine art side of the world taking notice but she also has taken on her own wearable silk fine art clothing line that is the talk of Southwest Florida. Having been noticed in the local fashion industry and published in Naples Florida Weekly  showcasing her fabulous wearable fine art fabric designs on The Naples Princess Cruise Line has quickly taken her to the top as one of the local artists to watch here in Southwest Florida.

Wearable Silk Art by Leigh

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Claire Campbell Park’s Article

Fine Silk Fabric Wall Art by Leigh Herndon 239 262 7932
Fine Silk Fabric Wall Art by Leigh Herndon 239 262 7932 “Waters Edge”

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I do hope you enjoyed this introduction to both these fine artists and hope you visit their sites and of course leaving a comment is always great for discussion. Sharing the article also helps everyone including you, who knows the next starving artist you help may be your own!



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