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European Fine Art Furniture Naples Fl

 European Fine Art Furniture Naples Fl.?

Of course, however in Edmonton Alberta, Oregon and even Washington state there seems to be a rise in demand.

Thanks to the talent of one

local artisan, Diane Llewellyn Grover

of Hillsboro, Oregon

her unique way turning reclaimed fine furniture into works of art

and refurbishing rescued furniture pieces by turning them into fine art has been hitting the Interior Design market over the last couple of years. Artisans like ms. Grover are at least alleviating some of the demand as it increases.

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The idea of recycling and using a couple of old world techniques like decoupage Casein/milk paint and other more natural mediums familiar to the art form and the kind of mindset of going green is no longer considered to be a trend but a must. With the more involvement of the EPA and the general public still growing stronger in the U.S. I asked ms. Grover her thoughts about this she replied in short as to say,

I try to use safe products just because I paint in my home, So my stripper is green, besides I like green, it’s a pretty color, and it helps the earth

Fine art furniture has always been huge in the Naples and Southwest Florida market. However this is not to say that it is competing with the “Handmade craftsmanship” of fine furniture construction either, which is still in high demand. The problem is there are not many of these true craftsman left any more and it’s getting harder to find. With that being said that brings me to another thing I am seeing coming full circle once again also and that is more and more home owners are wanting the Traditional European type of interiors once again which is also a concern as the turn around continues in the economy.


So my question is do you think it is the right time for artisans like Ms.Grover to start an inventory greater than what she has now and in my opinion would have to say yes?. However if someone was so savvy to look at this the smart way I would be on the phone now making arrangements for commissioned work or perhaps buying from what is inventoried of these gorgeous pieces before the prices surely go up.


Although the days of the modern/contemporary styles are still dominating the commercial markets with some extraordinary designs, its the coldness of the bright white and straight line steel that is losing out to the warmer colors of the color palette as described by another artist friend of mine who has a rather unique online interior design service where most things can be right from your mobile device and/or from home to help those who are more in the line of the DIY but still need help getting in the right direction…..but that is yet another blog post that you may want to sign up for.

For more on this artisan I would strongly suggest viewing her work at her website at

Diane Llewellyn Grover

of Hillsboro, Oregon

The Paint Factory


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