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Furniture Painting Faux Woodgraining

faux finishing furnture painting cabinets
furniture painted cabinets

Furniture Painting and Faux Woodgraining

has often been part of artist Arthur Morehead’s hand painted murals in

Port Royal, Pelican Bay, Mediterra, Grey Oaks and other Naples communities

However, actual furniture painting and faux woodgraining

is an art form all their own.

confused? I thought you might be so let me explain, faux finishing was very popular in the early parts of 2000 and still is but a lot has changed since then and a trend of furniture painting and faux woodgraining has emerged into the interior design market.

I first started noticing a demand for furniture painting after the new construction market came to a screeching halt and started getting a few calls about repairing and refinishing furniture. But when most found out the costs of an actual refinishing did most decide to go with the lower cost of a furniture painted finish instead.

As some of you may or may not know this still didn’t deter people from investing in the housing market. Instead they just refocused themselves after realizing the opportunities in the future of the distressed resale market. Therefore when the timing was right the buying began again and the remodeling market made a jump in the economy. As we all know where ever there’s an action there is an equal reaction or so that’s what we were taught.

New kitchen and bath redesigns made a strong appearance into the market and faux finishing came alive again also. The problem was that most home buyers/investors did not want or could not budget into a project what they wanted so Furniture Painting and faux woodgraining made things come together. Or at least it did for some…

faux painted funiture cabinets, Port Royal, Pelican Bay
Faux Painted Cabinets

But the clients still wanted and/or needed furniture, this is where in my opinion we really started to see the emergence of what we now know as the “transitional interior design” where the look of combining the old with the new started with furniture painting.

faux painted door matching furniture Art-Faux Designs 239 417 1888
Faux door to match cabinets
Interior Designers discovered the value of furniture painting not only from the quality of the work, but also from the amount of money that was saved from simply repainting the not so heavy smaller pieces with a beautiful furniture painted design or like the door above painted to match a the faux painted cabinet design in this room which was a dark mahogany. This saved the client not only the cost of replacing the cabinets but also the costs of replacing all of the furniture.
Furniture painting, Faux finish cabinets by Art-Faux Designs Inc 239 417 1888

Matching Cabinets to Furniture Painting

It just goes to show that furniture painting combined with faux finishing can be utilized in any interior design if a well thought out and planned interior design is put together by a team and not just one glorified individual.

faux finishing furnture painting cabinets
furniture painted cabinets

This furniture painting technique was based on a faux woodgraining which gave these cabinets a unique look that really works well with the rest of the rooms design. There was a massive amount of a very dark mahogany cabinetry in this home and the savings enabled the client to actually do more than whats was expected.

faux painted woodgrain technique Art-Faux Designs Inc.239 417 1888
faux furniture painting woodgrain technique
Some of you may be saying right now that this is all well and good and understand the concept for furniture painting and faux woodgraining and the benefits of using one with the other but you really haven’t covered the gist of either one.

In response to that I would have say to you’re absolutely right, but as you also know there is always a method to my madness which I will explain as we move on. To really understand everything I am going to try and pull together you should pick up where this post series begins.

I start off with some sarcastic humor that may even shock some you and if it does then good!

That means I haven’t lost your attention …….So read my last post on

Port Royal Faux Finishing

for a laugh and give me your opinion but you must share it and bookmark it

I let you in on it with each post I make which will be two more after this one on

Faux Woodgraining Drywall Builtin



2 thoughts on “Furniture Painting Faux Woodgraining”

  1. Hello from the other side of Florida (Jupiter)! We viewed your web page concerning “Furniture Painting Faux Woodgraining” and hope you are able to answer a question for us. We purchased a home last year and are happy with the home except for the kitchen cabinets. They are in stable condition and are perfectly functional, however we are not a fan of the wood grain color which is “Birch”. We thought of having them painted BUT have been told by some that they can be painted and by others, they cannot be. The cabinets are “Thermafoil”… which as I understand is similar to a laminate cover adhered to the frame, doors, drawers, etc. Do you have any experience with this? We’d like to know if we’d be wasting our money by painting them (would it last for the long term?)… or should we bite the bullet and have them refaced or replaced. It seems so wasteful to throw out a functional product just because we don’t care for the finish. BTW, love your work that we’ve seen on furniture and garage/doors. Regards.

    • Hi Ellen and Michael,
      Congrats on the new home purchase. It really depends on how much value you put into the cabinets as to how long you plan to live with them before you upgrade into a more modern and higher quality. Of course the Thermafoil can be painted with the right kind of primer and a little sanding. Personally I have seen many of my repeats get 10 or more years out of cabinets but most times they don’t last but about 5 years or so.
      The problem is these days is the lost of “oil based” products which give everything a longer and better durability than acrylic base paints unless you get into the catalyzed types which are much harder finish and more permeable to moisture. This is whats being used in both the cabinet and autobody industry and generally sprayed an top coated with a good clear coat. As far as wood graining them it’s like I said, it depends on how much it’s worth to you as an owner. Most likely you would not be able to recover the costs if you were to sell the home because they are what they are and not made of solid wood construction. However an experienced painting contractor can make quite an improvement to them just by painting them alone, providing they are in an excellent condition or near that.

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