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Artists of Many Colors Launches

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Artists of Many Colors and video is our marketing future?

Art-Faux Designs Inc is launching Artists of Many Colors in Naples Fl and is going to be a bit different and unique, compared to other businesses.

I am using video  as a low cost consumer advertising to my Artists of Many Colors pages on social media, that was once promised to be available “forever free” for artists, creatives and small business more than fifteen years ago when it was first introduced, however

I think we all knew better when we were told that internet lie and how social media would always be there for free no costs promise, I laughed at that one also, but holy shit was it suppose to kill our businesses like it has?

However when Live video Streaming

through Google + Hangouts On Air and YouTube formatting went live and is still available, I thought there still may be hope for using this for Artists Of Many Colors for now.

I had notice in the last few years that there has been something missing when it come to the small businesses and artists alike that I think could really help improve not only sales but also boost confidence in ourselves and to our customers if they were able to interact live privately, conferencing or if you just wanted to watch what I am painting currently.

There are simple ways of doing this and there are the more advance ways of course, however the long and and short of it is we must move forward with innovative ways to earn the trust back that so many of the 2nd gender producing, low economic, over saturated, unskilled to semi skilled sponge carrying painters who are in the market today. By re educating  the public to realize of how much damage has been done too our tiny market has become that I think through the use of live video is the way to bring the arts back into the proper perspective and show that we are not just a bunch of clowns jumping in and out of clown cars like court jesters. However it does take some decent up to date video equipment to do this and the right kind of knowledge as a film and video professional as well because it works either way as there are professional artists who work with professionals or at least it appears to be.

Is 2016 going to be the year, For Faux Finishing, Decorative Arts and Creatives?

I am not so sure I believe that, but I can certainly say it has become much better for some while for others it has not. Sounds like a lot of double talk doesn’t it?

Call me Old if you like, but it wasn’t long ago (3 to 5 years ago) I was able to get on LinkedIn, Facebook and even other venues and carry out a rather great discussion about art and marketing ideas with others including small businesses, It actually use to be fun. Even the “groups” were good places for great conversation and you could even sell a commission once in a while, Until……Until! I don’t think I need to go any further with that rant as you know where it’s going and I would like you all to continue reading LOL

Unfortunately many people in Social Media have become cynical to where you just can not seem to get good conversation no more about business and or the arts. So Artists of Many Colors was born. This decision has brought myself to be more devoted to my time and spend it more locally and assist local area residents businesses and of course my artist friends that I have made around the world. Excuse my use of language but there are just too many assholes on social media these days which is only one reason I chose to go this way. As I can control the jerks who are just there to make trouble and boot their butts out of the conversations. I guess they’re referred to as “trolls” ( it fits )

The social media and the use of search engines for internet marketing has brought the free use of it to such a stranglehold that the regulation and control of it has put thousands of small businesses in such a trick box that even if you’re a rock star SEO type webmaster that they themselves find it very tough to stay on top of the “rules and guidelines” of the search engines. But if you have a good clean video/TV/web station you would not have to worry about this. As like your business it’s just the same as having good word of mouth advertising wouldn’t you think?

I am adding another segment feature if you will that hopefully will benefit not only my clients and future customers but also other’s in Naples, SWFl businesses and artists to perhaps join me in some live broadcasts and streaming sessions where they can actually become part of the show. I will also be recording interviews In the coming weeks. Yeah I come a long way baby just because I have had some health issues the last 6 months does not mean I stopped learning I just had to make some changes is all. You will see a more serious side my work and of me interacting live in the studio working on commissions I will be designing and or just kicking back and listening to some inspirational music I have found or eating at a couple of the local foodies digging on live music and entertainment by broadcasting it live to show what it’s like to live in this place called Naples and Southwest Florida

Of course this will be something of an experiment as I will be using more than one venue for this, but I will launching the first few via

Google + Hangouts On Air and the YouTube formatting

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  1. Good for you. As a small business owner in the art world, I look forward to hearing more about this endeavor. I’ve had similar experiences with social media. I’m always looking for innovative ways to acquire more commissions. Thanks Art.

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