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Fantasy Marble 2, Basic Color Matching

Fantasy Marble Art-Faux Designs Artist Arthur Morehead
Fantasy Marble (Madison Park)

Basic Color Matching

for faux finishing

Fantasy Marble by Artist Arthur Morehead of Art-Faux Designs
Fantasy Marble by Artist Arthur Morehead

I know it has been a long time since I have posted anything and I apologize for my absence but I have been recently inundated with commissions and in a combination of getting the new studio up and running has left me overwhelmed and putting in some very long days….but this is a good thing! On top of that my camera mysteriously vanished into thin air and I had to purchase another one and now I should be back on track. With that being said I am way behind on posting so within the next few days I am going to try and play “catch up” so hang on to your hats and subscribe to my feed so as not to miss anything.

On this post, I would like to tell you all that I am back in producing my instructional DVD’s and my next one will be available soon and will be announcing that through my newsletter so be sure to subscribe. I will be producing a preview to it as I have done in the past with the Trompe Loeil FoilFantasy Marble, Tissue Finish, and my Base Painting DVD

In my “Amazing Accents” DVD Series my “Fantasy Marble” DVD was not only about a simple technique that I use to marbleize a column but was mainly developed to explain “color value”

For this next instructional DVD, I am going to explain more about “value” and will be using 3 colors

Fantasy Marble 2 Matching Colors

This is the beginning stage where I have already determined the colors and have started the process for my next DVD Fantasy Marble 2, Basic Color Matching. This is just one of my marbling commissions that I have recently gained

Color Matching Marble

and there are many different ways to approach these types of finishes, but as I explained in my first DVD the most important part is learning the importance of color value to create a believable faux marble.

Amazing Accents Fantasy Marble 2

As you can see I have worked out the colors and started laying in the veining almost the same as “blocking in” when painting a mural or on canvas and by adding in different tones and high lights you can achieve a sense of realism by creating the volume and depth using color value

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3 thoughts on “Fantasy Marble 2, Basic Color Matching”

  1. Your marble is the most like my marble jobs. This is beautiful. I often take a long time with columns, surely it could go quicker, but I feel details can only make it look more real and I love that! Beautiful. 🙂

  2. Arthur,
    You have some super ideas here on Art-Faux. We like the marble effect very much, technical yet still retaining its beauty as a natural element. This is a subject matter that we can incorporate for a project for our beneficiaries in a 2011 or 2012 exhibition. Enabling them to learn about marble and the technicalities of producing the marbling effects. Thank you.

    • Thank you for your insight I just went to your website and am totally impressed with your goals and I would be interested in learning more about your organization. My site is basically set on the freedom of expression and the freedom of choice and to expand the education of others in the decorative arts community as well as the general public and by bringing awareness to the many art forms to current and future artists that I believe lies within us all. Even though I am just a minute part of the whole scheme of things if I can just help one person discover their inner creative source imagine what one persons newly discovered confidence could do for another future artist to discover their hidden talents. The Arts are a universal force that everyone loves and respects and I believe the more same kind mindsets that we have in the world it would be a much better place to live….Thanks again for your comment……Peace!

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