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Faux Tortoise Shell Video

Faux tortoise
Tortoise shell

Faux finishing tortoise shell video

Here is a new video for a soon to be released Faux Tortoise Shell instructional DVD.

That I wanted to do a post on the updates of my modern faux tortoise shell design and faux wood gaining that I am doing near Lely Estates and Fiddler’s Creek. Even though I may get slapped by Google for same content posting. I will just post some quick pictures to show what the interior designer and client that I have been working with have come up for another niche we been working on,  and yes I did record this finish and will be making it available in a DVD format. I may even make a contest out of this one too.


I have been getting a great response from my

“Plaster for Niches”  and our instructional DVD

that I have also made an instructional DVD for the Faux Tortoise Shell also and it is available at this time

faux tortoise shell technique woodgrain Naples artist Arthur Morehead
Faux Wood and Tortoise Shell

This turned out to be a pretty awesome finish even though the pictures don’t really do it justice.

I had to create over 140 of these “Hexagon Design Tortoise Shell” pieces and I did it off site only to return to install them which saved a huge amount of time. I put it all on video and will be launching this by the end of August along with my

“Plaster for Niches” DVD

faux marble tortoise shell Port Royal Naples Fl Art Faux Designs 239 417 1888
FauxTortoise Shell

In the video and the instructional I teach the finish as an over all look because of the layout design which was done in a hexagon pattern. We didn’t want the appearance to look busy and if the finish was done as an actual looking tortoise shell then the contrasting colors would have made it appear that way

Faux Painted Tortoise Shell octagon pattern Estero, Bonita, 239 417 1888
Modern Octagon Design

As you can see the concept worked out rather well and with a final over glaze it will pull everything together and with the wood graining around the recessed part, the end result looks great!

faux finished niche tortoise shell and faux painted wood grain Naples Fl 239 417 1888
Faux Wood grain & Tortoise Shell
I will be  announcing another contest to get a “Free” copy of the this How To Faux  DVD  as well but you will have to sign up for my newsletter so as not to miss the chance below

In the meantime although my Plaster for Niches contest is over for now you may go here to join in the fun while waiting for the next contest

You may even want to take look at some more faux wood graining where I did a mahogany finish when I

Faux Woodgrained Drywall Builtin

Or maybe some

Marbling Techniques

I hope you enjoyed my little off the wall technique and made it through the gauntlet of my scrambling of words for I am not an English major.

Anyway if you liked the post on Faux Tortoise Shell

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    • Hi Dick Glad to see you made it here, Its really quite simple just click on the “Buy Now” button and it will take you to the store area. I am in the process of upgrading this store front to make it easier to order. Thanks again.

  1. Hi Maopa,
    Its still in the editing stages but will be available soon. I will also do a blogpost on the end result you may want to sign up for the newsletter and the RSS feed to stay informed and I am thinking of another contest possibly to go with it’s release. Great to see you here!

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