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Metal Sculpture Artists Wall Art and Faux Finishing

Wall Art Metal Sculpture by Kenneth D. Rowe Ft. Myers Tel: 239.223.8744
Wall Art Metal Sculpture by Kenneth D. Rowe Ft. Myers Tel: 239.223.8744

With the new contemporary trends hitting the interior design market I have discovered that metal sculptures, modern art, wall art and artwork coming from artists in the faux finishing and decorative arts arena. This is really good news for all artists in Naples/Bonita and the Ft. Myers area because it shows artwork from artists in a variety of mediums.

It proves the diversity that each of us have within ourselves when faced with challenges brought on by the forces of change. This sent me on the hunt to research further of what else has been going on in the market and I was surprised at the amazing talent that I found.

I recently came across a very talented

Metal Sculpture Artist from Ft. Myers Fl.,

Kenneth D. Rowe

If you read Kenneth’s biography you will realize the passion this young man has for his

metal sculpture artwork, and wall art

Sculpture artist Kenneth D. Rowe Ft. Myers Fl Tel: 239.223.8744

Metal sculptures has always fascinated me as well as all sculpture artwork, weather it be modern art, bas relief, wall art,

Wall art has become a highly sought after form of decorative art for interior walls that in combination with faux finishing as a backdrop exquisite metal sculptures such as the ones you see in the photos by sculpture artist Kenneth D. Rowe could really bring an excellent addition to a rooms elegance

Wall Art Metal Sculpture by Kenneth D. Rowe Ft. Myers Tel: 239.223.8744
Wall Art Metal Sculpture by Kenneth D. Rowe Ft. Myers Tel: 239.223.8744

When I first ran across Kenneth’s artwork it was through Facebook while doing my social networking. I am not absolutely sure how I came upon his profile but I do know it was the pictures that I saw after I got there that made me want to find out more about this sculpture artist.

I found his wall art most interesting because to me it resembles the sea and ocean. The mastery of what seems to be a natural ability of his to produce a geometric flow to his compositions gives you the sense of serenity and peacefulness that the ocean has to offer.

I guess the word I am looking for is tranquility.

Metal sculpture modern art by Kenneth D. Rowe Tel: 239.223.8744 http://www.leviathanarts.com/
To contact Kenneth about his artwork go to www.leviathanarts.com/

I wanted to save the best for last because in my years of learning about SEO (search engine optimization) I have learned that the whole idea of having a successful blog is to make it interesting enough to your viewers to stay long enough to read what you have spent 2 or 3 hours on putting together. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to spend that much time on a post when the viewer on average only stays for 2 or 3 minutes does it?

Anyway that’s a totally different subject that has to do with Art Marketing that I am involved with and need to stay on track here, sorry my mind wonders at times I guess it comes with age or could it be a result of being raised during the 60’s and 70’s, who knows? It still doesn’t have anything to do with Metal Sculpture Artists Wall Art and Faux Finishing does it?

Alrighty then where was I?….. Oh yeah artwork and the best for last….When I saw this next metal sculpture I was immediately drawn to it for some reason. I think it was the fact that I could see the quality of the artwork, the uniformity, the weight of the finish and best of all the balance in the appearance.

Sculpture Artwork for contemporary design by Ft.Myers sculpture artist Kenneth D. Rowe
Metal Sculpture "Daphne" by Artist Kenneth D. Rowe www.leviathanarts.com/ Tel: 239.223.8744

 Yes I thought the same thing Wow!

There was something truly incredible with this artwork from this young sculpture artist that captured my inquisitive mind that I had to know what it was about this sculpture that was driving me nuts!

Then I went to Kenneth’s website to find out because as an artist myself I can not stop researching or learning about something or someones style or technique until I feel I am at a point to where I can finally understand the technique and the artists mindset and by viewing the rest of the sculpture artists photos of this metal sculpture did I understand why I liked this sculpture so well.

All I am going to tell you at this point is to pay Kenneth a visit on his website and be sure to hit his Facebook Like Button, but I will give you a hint that by telling you with the background that I have in knowing a solid piece of workmanship when I see it, did I realize why I liked it so much and it was when I viewed the photos of the back of this artwork of how well this sculpture was constructed.

This was not a “hurried” piece of artwork by any means and the passion that Kenneth has, truly shows in this piece as well as all his other

Metal Sculptures, and Wall Art.

Meet Kenneth at his upcoming
solo exhibition

Opening reception to be held on February 3, 2012
6 pm – 10 pm

During Fort Myers Art Walk

Daas Gallery
1542 Broadway St.
Fort Myers, FL 33901

Exhibition on display through Saturday, February 25, 2012

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  1. Your sculpture is very beautiful: however, your website could us some cleaning up. You need to make it complement your beautiful art, not detract from it.

    • Yes Edward, thank you for the input I have been working with this site and theme page for a long time and it is actually a testing ground for my own blog design. I will be putting together a whole new site sometime this year that is going to be more interactive and informational. Once I have everything setup on this one they way I want it I will hire a programmer to rewrite the entire format to include everything that I have put together so far.
      Thanks for the insight it is greatly appreciated and I love your work I hope everyone who stops here checks out your website….

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