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Floral Wall Art Mural | Finale

Floral Wall Art Panels by Art-Faux Designs artist Arthur Morehead Naples Fl 239 417 1888
Floral Wall Art Murals in hallway

Floral Wall Art Mural | Finale

Finishing a customized floral wall art mural in Naples Fl. at the Traditions location in Gray Oaks Country Club.

This fourth post of a four part series brings us to the final steps of this instructional. Links to the first three entries are below.

So here we are at the fun part. I know it has taken awhile to get this posted  and I do appreciate your patience but as you are probably aware I am a very busy guy. I could outsource writing my blog posts but I just have a problem with that as it wouldn’t be me and I can only hope this is the reason why you keep coming back.

Here in the past year or so I have seen an enormous amount of blogs popping up all over the internet. Because I have been doing this for such a long time I can pick out the ones who are genuinely writing their own posts and the ones who are outsourcing. It takes time to write a post especially when you’re writing off the cuff so to speak.

At any rate I do appreciate the showing of your support from time to time and if you have any questions about this series of posts on the floral wall art mural or any others please feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll answer you either via email (privately), commenting back or both. So thanks for the support.

Onward to the fun stuff!

It’s amazing how color works but whats even more amazing that it’s really color value that gives objects their shape and form. Without value (The light and darkness ) you actually would not see the object dimensionally. Keeping that in mind while finishing the floral art mural understand that cooler transparent colors recede and darker/warmer opaque colors appear to come forward. Remember however there are exceptions and additions to the rule that I won’t get into here as I am only adding this latter part for the sake of preventing this statement turning argumentative as this is not a post about color theory.

Mural Red Flower Detail Naples Fl. artist Arthur Morehead
Adding more volume

Working from dark to light the flowers will start taking shape in this wall art mural. As you mix the reds lighter you want them to become warmer also by adding a touch of yellow ochre. If it appears to get a bit more intense than you want because of the red oxide you can hit it with a touch of raw umber (earth brown)

As you can see there is not a lot of blending of color except for a little dry brushing because I did not want to pull away from a fabric/painterly appearance

Building hi lights Naples Fl.mural artist Arthur Morehead
Building up hi lights

The next photo below is really a little bit further than the Floral Wall Art Mural needs to be but it shows of how far you can push these details into the next level and turn the work into fine art. One of my biggest problems with painting wall art murals is that I get so wrapped up in them that they sometimes turn into huge fine art pieces because I zone into the tiniest details.

Details Floral Wall Art Mural Naples Fl artist Arthur Morehead
All in the details…

It appears as though I need to add a darker value of the red at the outer edges of the petals and just below the center of the flower to create some separation. However if I do this then I would have to do it through out the floral wall art mural thus pulling in a deeper dimension and would in fact look better than the fabric itself. This is what I don’t want. In fact I want it to work with the fabric and not against it. Taking in the rule determining the viewing distance of the floral wall art as being about 13 feet this should look fabulous.

By repeating the same concept throughout the entire floral mural on all the flowers and incorporating use of the same colors not only gives it harmony but also works with a upholstery fabric design in the furniture. It adds flow to the room when placed subtly throughout the decor of an interior.

The White Flowers work in unison with the smaller red flowers…

Floral Wall Art Mural Naples Fl Art-Faux Designs 239 417 1888
Adding more red and white

by working between the mid tone of the white and red over the smaller red flowers and the mid tone of the red over the white you will see the  design start to come forward the more opaque you build the color, but don’t over do it because there one more touch that’s going to make this floral wall art stand out.

then it’s at this point is when I started pulling in the hi lights of the leafs and vines that connect everything together by adding white and yellow ocher to the already cooler green under painting of ultra marine blue, yellow ocher, and burnt umber mix used in the first steps.

Floral Wall Art Mural Progress (The Leaves)
Common Color Of The Leaves

 I realize of course that the leaf hi lights also need to be punched up also and by building on color through out the mural as a whole I am able to keep the consistency that I am trying to portray from the fabric design

Floral Wall Art Leaf detail Art-Faux Designs Naples Fl
Adding Leaf Hi Lights

As you keep building intensity/saturation into the Floral Wall Art Mural the more realism you will start to see and you can continue to do this by using dry brushing techniques. In this mural I don’t want to have too much of that as I still want a painterly quality

This is the part of my work that I really get lost in and probably why I paint so quickly to get there. I can spend hours on just a small section at a time, however we are not building a fine art piece as much as I would like it to be.

Painted floral wall art Naples Fl Art-Faux Designs
Building more color

This is the final steps to this four part series and I may have left out some details you may have some questions about. This Floral Wall Art Mural is part of an ongoing project that I have been fortunate enough to have and it is these kind of projects that are the most rewarding. As things are added it gives clients time to enjoy the areas that are progressively getting done and does not disrupt the lives of the clients for very long, especially if its art work that can be done off site in a studio such as wall art, fresco panels, murals and ornamental panels.

Decorative art, murals, ornamentation and faux finishing all works together and can not be rushed and when it is done in room by room increments by experienced professionals it is much more of a rewarding result for not only the artist but more importantly the client.

Below I have include the links to my previous posts regarding this Floral Wall Art Mural project located at the


Gray Oaks Country Club in Naples Fl.

Floral Wall Art Mural Finale by Art-Faux Designs artist Arthur Morehead 239 417 1888
Finished Panel

This is where both these Floral Wall Art Murals are painted in this hallway

Floral Wall Art Panels by Art-Faux Designs artist Arthur Morehead Naples Fl 239 417 1888
Floral Wall Art Murals in hallway


There is much more to come such as my next post which will be about a nine panel (canvas) master bedroom ceiling design which was inspired by a church ceiling in Ethiopia that was built during the 15th century and is said to be the oldest church in the country.

I will also be posting on other ongoing projects that are of various interior designs styles that include contemporary/modern, traditional, and even an exterior public urban mural project for 2014 if all goes well.

Anyway I hope you have gotten something out of this last project I have written about and all comments and discussions are welcome and/or you can sign up for my RSS Feed or Newsletter to stay up to date of my activity, (trust me I’m everywhere it seems.)

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