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Painting Canvas Wall Art Murals

Landscape Painting on canvas wall art murals, 2" x 3" artist Arthur Morehead
Landscape painting 2" x 3" acrylics on faux wood panel

Painting Canvas Wall Art Murals

for contemporary, modern and traditional interior designs.

Part 4 of the Gray Oaks Country Club staircase mural project.

It’s finally come to the day the clients (and I) have been waiting for, installation day. Yes the 12 ornamental painted mural panels for this staircase are finally complete and are ready for install, which is going to be a job just in itself alone. The staircase doesn’t have a lot of room but with the ingenuity of a guy who has worked with me off and on for the last decade and myself we usually figure out safe ways of getting to an area that we need to reach. However, I am approaching a time in my life to finally leave it to the younger guys to do the hanging part of my wall art murals.

Painting Wall Art on Canvas is actually the way to go for several reasons as I noted below.

  1. Painting on canvas is much easier for the client to deal with because it does not require the artist to be at the home to complete the wall art mural.

  2. Depending on the size of the mural project it does not require days or weeks to install. Most times it only takes a day or two.

  3. It adds value to the painting by the fact that the wall art is removable and can be remounted as the client desires i.e., move it to a new location within the home or to a new home entirely.

  4. It resists cracking and other wall related surface stress due to “settling” of the homes foundation. Hopefully that doesn’t happen.

  5. Personally, I can give the customer a much better end result by allowing an artist the freedom of painting the wall art on canvas.

  6. Less stress on the artist physically and mentally, it’s really a win win situation for everyone.

I could probably come up with more reasons but you get the general idea.

Painting wall art murals Naples Fl by Art-Faux Designs 239 417 1888
Ornamental Staircase Mural Gray Oaks

The final part of this mural project was adding in the details by using a few trompe l’oeil techniques which I love doing to bring in realism. After all, you are wanting to give your art that final punch to amaze the viewer or viewers what ever the case may be. I demonstrated this in one of my abstract paintings where I wanted to combine the old and the new together in one art piece which received some great reviews. I also recorded the process on video and made a time lapsed version so you could see how the depth develops as you build on light and shadow by applying the use of “color value“.

Take a look at the 2nd video in my post about Modern Abstarct Art and watch how the “picture frame” magically appears.

Modern Abstract Art

(A time lapsed video)

The distressing of the faux wood panels in part two of this  Gray Oaks mural project was just a part of the finish and by adding darker values of color I was able to bring more realism into the already convincing finish.

Painting wall art murals artist Arthur Morehead Naples Fl 239 417 1888
Adding trompe loeil techniques creates more realism

In part three “Grotesque Ornamental Mural Painting”,  I wanted it to be different in a unique kind of way and by adding in grotesque painting I was able to capture the on going colors throughout the eclectic decor of the interior design. However the design time of drawing out an actual ornamental thesis would have put the staircase project out of budget so stencils were used that are sold by  Vigini Paint and Design of San Antonio, Texas and then hand painted.

Painting wall art murals, staircase Gray Oaks
Staircase in Gray Oaks

However everything must have a starting point and in part one of this Gray Oaks mural project came from a faux finishing technique called Luster Stone Faux Fresco which was applied throughout the homes other wall art panels.

Luster Stone Faux Fresco wall art panels, Art-Faux Designs 239 417 1888
Luster Stone Faux Fresco
(where it started)

So there is the breakdown of how this mural project came about and I have posted the links to each below.

The camera shots of the wall art paintings were hard to get a good angle and I did the best I could but you should be able to get a good idea of how it turned out. As I have said in the past I am no photographer but even a squirrel finds a nut every once in a while, so a couple of these will hopefully give you a good impression of how I like to work.

One other thing. I discovered while…………………. painting these 12 canvas wall art murals was one of the stencils I used had this cool 2″ x 3″ space where I could paint some mini landscapes and seascapes paintings. Everyone is different and captures the attention of the viewer as they walk up the stairs.

Landscape Painting on canvas wall art murals, 2" x 3" artist Arthur Morehead
Landscape painting 2″ x 3″ acrylics on faux wood panel

The work on this mural projects was immense however due to the fact that it was done on canvas and off sight, it was completed in much less time had I painted it on sight. Once the wall art murals were finished it was only a matter of hanging them, which only took about a day and a half thus leaving the staircase available to the client who is a very busy guy. He didn’t care for the idea of building a “platform” over the staircase and I really couldn’t blame him, besides he was looking for answers to a problem and not adding to the question.

Painting canvas wall art murals,
Top of stairs view of canvas wall art

Painting Canvas Wall Art Murals

surely has it’s rewarding in more ways than one in this Naples Fl Gray Oaks Mural Projects. Oh and by the way I’ll be posting about the next two wall art panels I have started where I am custom designing a floral motif which will be hand-painted inspired from a fabric design on two hall chairs for the same client. So sign up for my newsletter or join the RSS feed this is going to be a really cool design and I wouldn’t want you to miss it.

Use the links below to see this Gray Oaks mural project from the beginning and please share the posts with everyone I can sure use the traffic!

Part 1

Luster Stone Faux Fresco

Part 2

Distressed Faux Wood Panels

Part 3

Grotesque Ornamental Mural Painting



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    • Hi Elena, Been a long time I hope everything is going well for you. Thanks for the compliment, its amazing what just a little bit of light and shadow can do for a painting. Love what you did with it at the Keywest Airport. I bet you had a lot of fun with that one, I haven’t been there in years. Thanks for stopping by.

    • Thanks Cindy, Its an art form the goes beck hundreds of years and I just added my own twist to it. Of course they didn’t have stencils back then but they surely had to know how to create them based on the fact that Mick and the guys used pounce bags and drawings to transfer designs for buon fresco painting.

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