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Art-Faux Designs New Studio Nearly Complete

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Art-Faux Designs Inc 239 417 1888

Boy, I must say that this has been quite a ride!

Art-Faux Designs new studio located at

25987 South Tamiami Trail Bonita Springs Fl 34134 at Bonita Commons

is nearly complete. Unfortunately I have had to cancel 2 classes and reschedule the grand opening 3 times but I am glad that I haven’t posted any new class schedule to save myself and the guest instructors from any confusion.  The last class I held in November had two changes of venue because of construction delays even though I was scheduled to be in on Nov 1st.  There were many people depending on me and I had to follow through with the class regardless of the consequences.

The class was still a great success but I still ended up becoming the proverbial whipping post, but I have no regrets because I know I did the right thing,  most importantly was to make sure that the students had a great class experience and I would do it again if put in a situation like this again, BUT it wont happen again!

Art-Faux Designs Bonita Springs Studio (lobby)
Art-Faux Designs Inc 239 417 1888

I designed the space to have as much room available within the studio area, to allow for large mural projects if needed and to use the facility to its fullest potential. The lobby pictured here is only 20′ x 12′  and will be most likely trompe loeil to the hilt because thats what I like to do, but there will be many other finishes incorporated into the mural that hopefully I will have all the bases covered.

The parking lot in front is quite extensive and will support art shows, live events and other cultural events that are in the planning stages with

Florida West Arts Gallery

Art-Faux Designs Bonita Springs Studio (studio entrance)
Faux Painting Ideas?

I think this is the hardest part is deciding what to do with a blank canvas and with the double door entry into the studio it must be impressive


Art-Faux Designs Bonita Springs Studio (2 - 12'x50' walls)

One of the two adjacent walls which will have enough room to support 10 students comfortably.

Each work station can support as much as a 5 ft wide mural with electric at each station to use as they wish, which I found was a small issue at some of the schools that I have attended.

The lighting in the studio will be flourescent with the “Natural Light” tubes and directional  lighting  will be added at a later date so as it can be zeroed in on where the artist feels more comfortable.

There will be wall space available to rent on a temporary basis for artists on the short term so as not to conflict with class or work schedules

Anyway this is just a run down on whats coming together finally and we will be opening very soon.

For more information on studio space and availability call

239 417 1888 or Email: Arthur@Art-Faux.com

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