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Bonita Springs Studio in SWFL Faux Close…..

Bonita Springs faux
Bonita Springs Studio mural

Mural Update for Art-Faux Designs Inc.™

Yes it’s finally getting faux close to the opening of

Bonita Springs Studio for faux finishing and faux painting ideas

and with the

Grand Opening Celebration of Bonita Commons

last week it gave Art-Faux Designs Inc. an incredible jump-start of what’s to come.

Even though my mural was only at the blocking in the stage it was still a big hit with passer’s by

It proved to be the place to be for the future of the newest art venue in Bonita Springs, Florida

Murals Bonita Naples

With 9 businesses located at the facility all had reported an increase in traffic from the 4-day event and I believe we are making headway into letting the public know that the local businesses that have relocated here are all on the same level as to believing that

customer service is the key element to the success of Bonita Commons

I would like to personally thank everyone who stopped in and signed our guest book. It gave me a chance to chat with some very lovely people and the welcoming to the neighborhood was an overwhelming experience for me.

I have been working very hard to bring something different to the local community by offering a unique studio that will be able to offer more than just faux finishing by creating an open studio for many aspects of the arts.

I am hoping to achieve community interaction with the Bonita Springs Studio by offering the residents a place they can come to for help with their creative endeavors by offering seminars, live demonstrations, classes of many different art forms with an array of guest instructors who are considered experts in their fields, but it will take you, as a community, to either send me an email or even just stop in to chat and tell us what you would like to see.

As for the mural project at the studio, I have only been able to work on it between commissions which is why it is only at the “blocking in” stage but I still wanted to post the progress for those who are curious as to the process and I must reiterate from my last post that I am putting this together as I go with no real “plan” I am just going with what I feel which is what I call “working on the fly”

Blocking In The Mural

Art-Faux Designs Inc. opening has been scheduled for April 29th which depending on how busy I am will determine whether I finish the mural in time for the grand opening for this SWFL faux studio.

Blocking In The Mural

The toughest part of the whole project is working around the door jamb and the change in the plane because the door is recessed by 2 1/2″ and in order to make the perspective correct the change in the plane had to be incorporated with special angles from the viewpoint. In other words, you just don’t simply draw a line around the door jamb….anyway the progress is coming along and I have much more to do as you all can tell. I will be adding many more Trompe loeil features and landscapes.  The deck gets an overglaze of course and will get a few other elements but for now, I must get to bed…..so until next time


Yes and as I progress then so will this mural

kind of going to be my never-ending project, but that’s ok I look forward to working on it when I can and it does break up the monotony of all the recent wood graining that I have been doing

So here we are again and I thought I would throw a couple of updated photos in here

..I bet you all forgot about this, didn’t you? …..well I haven’t and with all the things that I have going on I still find time to do some updates

a ways to go yet

I had very little time to spend on it but I did get some things accomplished by getting some more trees blocked in along with a rough-in of the grass and punched in some other details

More Mural Progress

Like I said in an earlier post I am just adding to this as I go with no real plan which breaks one of the rules of painting a mural but it’s more of a personal project and I can do whatever I want. I love to have this kind of freedom which gives me the chance of using different viscosity’s from ultra-thin fluids to heavy-bodied acrylics. Who knows I have also thought about breaking out the airbrush for some areas and finishing off the finer details with artist oils

Blocked in palm trees
July 25th mural update

Anyway, this is the progress so far and I will continue to add to this post as things change on a regular basis so grab my RSS feed and sign up for my newsletter below

9 thoughts on “Bonita Springs Studio in SWFL Faux Close…..”

  1. I admire your work Art, I have zero talent for fine art – love what you can accomplish on canvas – Bonita Springs, is that your neck of the woods? My parents, for a number of years, spent several winter months a year there – such a beautiful place….

    • Thanks Patty, Yes Bonita is a great place , I actually live in Naples but the studio is in Bonita so I guess you might say I have two locations being that I have my stuff scattered between the two lol. I will be holding classes that are out of the norm for faux finishing, to help artists expand their wings you might say. I am scheduling an airbrush class for January with a renowned airbrush artist that I will be announcing next week so stay tuned for the news. I love your blog and all the things you do how do you keep up with it …..

  2. Your talent is always inspiring,thanks for sharing the work in progress.I,m excited for you.Your friend and mine,Judith

    • Thanks for the compliment Judith,
      Delaying the grand opening until the fall was inevitable to give me the time I need to prepare the studio. Although the opening is delayed, business is on as usual and I am very busy these days with some cool things in the planning stage. My first seminar at the studio is planned for July so keep a look out for my newsletter….Peace!

  3. Thanks Susan,
    I am glad to hear from you, This is actually an old post and I have more done than what you see here, Ive added more trees, flowers, shading etc. I just been so busy I haven’t had the time to work on it. What you see in these pics is just the “blocking in”.

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