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How To Blog To Grow Any Business

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Once again I have been getting emails from other artists and business owners asking

“How in the world do I stay so busy?”

and again I have to say that if it were not for my blog and networking I would not be as busy as I am

Over the last few years I have learned a lot about the subject and most of it has been by research, trial and error and many sleepless nights So I am going to post  a couple of different options for those who want to start a

“Blog To Grow Any Business,”

but I have to tell you that it does take work and this is by no means a magic bullet that will drive business to you overnight. But if you do it correctly you will be surprised at how much business you do get as a result of just being yourself and staying consistent.

First off there are two different types of blogs for the most part which are hosted and self hosted blogs and both have their pros and cons and the main difference is to how much control you want over your own site.

For instance a self hosted site means you have total control over your domain and maintain it yourself including the SEO (Search engine optimization) which I personally wouldn’t have it any other way, because for the most part people pay a minimum of $300-400.00 a month just to get on Google when I do it all generically myself and rank very well in the search engines (Page 1) and most of it is for free.

Now a blog that is hosted by a 3rd party is usually limited on bandwidth and many other things that I am not going to go into with this post because as most of you who know me I can turn a normal blog post into a 3 or 4 thousand word article once I get going and am not going to get into a lot of detail here because my blog is about my passion of art and what I do for a living. I am just posting this information here because of all the emails that I get asking how I am staying so busy in a down economy and it’s really quite simple, I have grown my business presence online across the world as well as locally. So the first thing you need to do is get a domain name and I use

Sale! $7.49 .com domains at GoDaddy.com    - 300x2

Then of course you have to have somewhere to put it and the best place I have found is Hostgator and I have been with them for 4 years or better and they have the best support and hosting. By joining Host Gator you will be able to set up your WordPress.org Blog which is the most versatile blogging format on the web today

I am going to continue updating this post  to keep everyone informed as to

“How I Blog To Grow Any Business”

but you must do at least these things above before you can go any further. There are plenty of other services that you can go to but these are the ones that I use and have been using for several years and would recommend because of there support and especially their service which is to me is second to none

Like I said this blog is about what I do as an artist and my passion to share with others of what I learn as an artist and because I have been getting so many emails from not only other artists but also other business owners about this so I am building another sight that has to do with Marketing For Artists and All Businesses for which I will show everyone

How I Did It!

So sign up for my newsletter to stay informed of my launch of my new blog to help not only artists with their marketing but all businesses.

4 thoughts on “How To Blog To Grow Any Business”

  1. Thank you for your advice. I am very new to both the blogger & arts worlds. I hope to be setting up pet portrait business as well as a upcycled home furnishings business. I’m not sure what my 1st steps with either should be. I found your blog by following the insightful comment you left on Miss Mustard Seed’s , about real gesso vs. chalk paint. I would love to hear more. Thanks again.

    • Thanks Maggie, Although I love Miss Mustard Seeds blog and respect the whole BlogFrog concept on internet marketing. The idea of making money from home through “niche” marketing is a great way of earning some passive income, but there are some rules you should learn about before posting “affiliate or MLM back links” on other blogs. Your Mary Kay Cosmetic replicated website link is an MLM marketing tactic and I cannot allow you to post a link it here. My blog is about helping others and is more for informational content for my clients and artist friends. I do not allow these kind of links on my blog for SEO reasons other than if it’s to benefit my followers, let me explain, you see people who let others post these kind of links that are not relevant to the content on their blogs become known as “spamming” sites which Google will penalize you for and will do what’s called a “Google slap”. What happens is the blog/site will get drastically reduced in page rank because of it’s non relevancy. Search engines look at this “non relevancy to content” and find the blog/site unimportant where you won’t even show up until page 6 or 7 or even worse, depends on how bad your blog is loaded with these kind of links. I do believe in the honesty and legitimacy of your comment though and would be glad to help you on a few things when it comes to internet marketing and would not mind at all if you posted a link to your personal blog as long as it is not an “affiliated” blogging site. If you would like to know more you can send me a personal email and I will explain the differences. There are hundreds of ways to use blogs to make money online and should not be confused with businesses that are more of a “brick and mortar” type and keeping a separation of one from another is very important. For instance in this case you would start a blog about “applying make up” or if your a make up artist describe a style or a technique, then post your Mary Kay link using “anchor text” with in your own blog, this way the content is relevant to the business that you are trying to promote.
      Don’t start off on the wrong foot and become known as a “spammer” by using “black hatting” techniques and trying to post these kind of links on blogs that have good page ranks through commenting. People who have blogs and websites with good page rank work very hard to achieve these goals and do very well with them once getting to page one.

      • Hi Arthur,
        I am an interior designer trying to get my name out a bit more. I will be in a local Home & Garden show next month and was trying to set up a news letter or blog before the show(Feb.26th) I am thinking besides my physical presence in my design both and video of past projects running, I’d like to offer for people to sign up for a news letter/blog. One I would have a way to get their name & 2 another way to offer them a bit more about who & what my company does. I would love any advise you may have as to going about setting up this option for my company and figure out how to get my name out there more.
        Thank You,

        • Great Christine! So many are starting to realize the impact that the internet can have on their businesses. Let me know how I can help you although you have very little time we can sure give it our best shot. I will send you a private email …Peace!

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